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Multiple gpu question

Level 7
I have an awesome Maximus VI Hero with a 4770k and 16GB of RAM and I have the opportunity to add 3 750ti for folding purposes (understanding they cannot be in sly, but that they do not need a 6 or 8 pin connector. The two currently give me about 155k PPD and I am being offered another one that I can use.

What I am curious of is what is the status of what I have read around different places that the 3 1x slots are disabled. I have a SATA card that is in 1 of the 1x slots and it has 2 drives connected to it, so I want to still use it.

I have read it disables them if the 3rd slot is not run at over 1x. Is this true? So, say if I run the 3rd GPU at 4x (as I believe it is supported by the board) then should the 3 1x slots still be enabled?

Hello kookykrazee

With the maximus vi hero board you can only use two Nvidia cards. You can use three AMD cards as AMD cards need only x4 pcie bandwidth to work. Nvidia needs x8.

Level 40
Might be a good idea to ask in our folding section as they may be more clued up about things.
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