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MRC update needed for M5G BIOS - screen flickering

Level 8
Hi all,

for the last couple of weeks I've been going crazy due to the monitor flickering (losing signal for a brief moment of time).

I am using Maximus V Gene, 2x8GB G.Skill Trident X 2400, HP ZR30w, Intel HD 4000 (I also own GTX 690, but it is giving me the same issue).

After some searching, removing the videocard, RMAing the monitor two times, buying all the new cables, pulling my hair out and doing all sorts of things, I stumbled across this thread on Intel forums:

Robert_U (Intel) wrote:
This issue is a BIOS issue specifically with the Memory Reference Code (MRC) version or older. Please contact your system or motherboard manufacturer for a system BIOS update for your system or motherboard that includes MRC or newer.

Apparently, the issue is related to a bug in Memory Reference Code (MRC) versions and older. Versions and should contain the necessary fixes.

Please release a BIOS update ASAP! I am fully willing to beta test this.

Thank you.

Seems like switching to a single stick of RAM helps. I guess a BIOS update should fix it, then.


I had the same screen flickering problem a few years ago, nightmare to track down tried all-sorts turned out to be defective hardware graphics card ati hd 4970x2. Replacement sorted my problem. You seem to have same problem with two different cards though?

Level 8
It's actually fixed with the latest BIOS update. 🙂

Level 15