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Motherboard giving error codes and beeping

Level 7
This is my first computer build and when I first boot up, I get no input on the monitor. Instead I get beeping and an error code. I tried replacing the memory and it would still beep. I tried removing the video card and I still get beeping.

i7 3930k
Gtx 670
samsung 30nm memory
plextor m3
rosewill blackhawk ultra
Seasonic 1000 Platinum
TR silver arrow sb e

I currently have an error code of a0 and i think one long beep then four short beeps then another long beep and ten five short beeps. I previously had error codes 14 which switched to 61 to 66. Another time I have constant beeping. I don't know what is the problem. If it matters, I got the Cpu from ebay. I got the mobo and the graphics card as open boxes off ebay. Mobo seemed fine but the video card had a bent io shield and I believe I had two screws come out. Before all this beeping came I also had the problem of the computer turning on only for a second and turning back off but that seems find now.


Ok I found only one noticeable bent pin. I think it is bent because it looks out of place. As you can see it is on the right side of the socket in this image. It appears to be the second to the left. Starting from the top next to the processor edge on the first image, it seems the bent pin is about 3 to 4 rows down. Can you confirm if it is bent?

Level 40
Oh yeah that is a bent pin.

And there is another in the top image in the orangey coloured section too.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Do these bent pins seem to be the cause for all the troubles I've had earlier or it's possible that I have another defective component. As I don't have another motherboard to test it on, I can't be sure.

Level 40
Those bent pins will most certainly be the cause of all your headaches based on my experiences with these sockets, and they are very easy to fix if have a steady hand and good eyes.

I have the steady hand but not the vision so I have to use a magnifying lamp. What you need is a very thin blade or a needle, you gently ease the pins back in to a straight line. Not too difficult just do it in small steps and not one movement.

However if you feel unsure then simply wander down to a jeweller store that still has a workshop. They can fix that not a problem.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Ok thank for all you guys' help. I spent 3 days looking for the problem but was too lazy to remove the heatsink and check the socket. Guess next time I shouldn't be too lazy when doing computer builds. Anyways thanks for the help.