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Motherboard giving error codes and beeping

Level 7
This is my first computer build and when I first boot up, I get no input on the monitor. Instead I get beeping and an error code. I tried replacing the memory and it would still beep. I tried removing the video card and I still get beeping.

i7 3930k
Gtx 670
samsung 30nm memory
plextor m3
rosewill blackhawk ultra
Seasonic 1000 Platinum
TR silver arrow sb e

I currently have an error code of a0 and i think one long beep then four short beeps then another long beep and ten five short beeps. I previously had error codes 14 which switched to 61 to 66. Another time I have constant beeping. I don't know what is the problem. If it matters, I got the Cpu from ebay. I got the mobo and the graphics card as open boxes off ebay. Mobo seemed fine but the video card had a bent io shield and I believe I had two screws come out. Before all this beeping came I also had the problem of the computer turning on only for a second and turning back off but that seems find now.

Put back gfx and took out all the ram and now I keep getting a constant one long two short beeps with an error 65.

Level 40
62 - Installation of the PCH Runtime Services

Time to remove stuff from your build. Please only have the bare minimum to post to BIOS.

That includes removing your hard drives please.

One stick of ram keyboard and mouse plus the graphic card.

Double check that you have the correct PSU connectors connected to the motherboard and to the VGA.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Ok so I checked the ram first. First I removed one of the ram and I still got the beeping noise. Then I did it the other way around and added the ram I removed before and tooked out the ram from my first test but put it in a different dimm slot. This time I get an error of 66. I added the other ram to that same dimm slot where I got the error 66 and I still got the error 66. I added it to the other one and ended up with that beeping noise again. Is this a sign of a broken dimm slot? And how do I get rid of error 66?

Ok so I just realized that when I used only one ram stick and put them in all the dimm slots, two did not beep. It just gave me error 66. All the black dimm slots gave me a continuous one long two short beeps. 2 out of the 4 dimm slots would give me a one long 3(or 4) short beeps followed by one long and five beeps. So are all the dimm slots broken or is it my ram? Also the q-code for this is always A0 if it's not 66. I also have learned that
when I add my second stick of ram in the dimm slot that gives me code 66 and keep the ram that does give the beeping noise, , there is no beeping noise but the code 66 remains. However, if I take the ram out of of that dimm slot and put it in the one that does beep, it starts beeping again.

Level 9
Cleared the CMOS?
Tried Q reset and/or Mem Ok?

Level 12
If your trying to post with one stick try it in either red socket furthest from the CPU. Sticking at b6 is RAM training. When your inserting the RAM do it paralell to the board and listen for 2 distinct clicks.

It may also be worth doing a full system clear with this one so remove everything including the CPU. Whilst the CPU is out check the socket for bent pins. One pin not contacting correctly can mean the PCI ex slots not working. Take out motherboard battery and leave overnight. Reassemble taking particular care not to over tighten your heat sink. The try booting with one stick of RAM, one VGA in the third red slot down and all PSU connections made.

I tried booting it with one stick of ram already. Almost every one except two red slots which include the one furthest from the
CPU. This is on one side however and on the other side it would make beeping. I can only guess right now that it either seems
to be motherboard failiure with bent pins (I do see some pins that do not look in line with the other pins but I'm not sure if that
is normal). On the other hand, I can hear beeps and i read somewhere that if it can beep that means that the CPU is functioning which means that there are no bent pins.I can also assume that it is a gfx failiure though I do see power going through it and the fans are spinning but I keep getting no input. That may explain why there is the beeping but it doesn't explain why sometimes there would be no beeping at all. Should I return the motherboard and the video card. When I received the video card, I realized that it's I/O shield was bent
but I bent it back into place and I also saw some screws holding the PCB come out.

Level 40
I would do two things.

1 See if I can borrow a mates CPU and remove the CPU as a possible cause.
2 Return the motherboard for testing, or use mates CPU to test if board is the cause.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

I think it's the motherboard. I researched a little bit more and it seems the systems all relate to either the motherboard or the
CPU. I'm more concerned that it's the mobo though since the I7 3930k doesn't seem to have pins and i do seem very tiny gaps
that do stand out when I look at the mobo socket. I'll have to RMA to be sure though.

Level 40
Take a high res image of the socket from a couple of angles and post the links to the images, or the images here my friend. Let us have a look at the socket area and see if there is a bent pin or two.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.