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More B450-I issues

Level 7
So, past my Ryzen 3000 problem, I now tried to boot a Ryzen 7 2700... to no avail.

Either both memory slot are populated, and I'm getting a solid orange q-led (RAM issue), or a single slot is populated, and I'm getting a solid RED q-led (CPU issue). Once again, no problem with an Athlon 200GE. CMOS reset doesn't change anything.

At this point, I'm gonna try on a Gigabyte mobo. At the end of the line, either Asus or AMD is garbage.

As usual, any hints appreciated.

ps: my memory *is* in the QVL for the B450-i

edit: just for the sake of doing something, I'm gonna run some memtest during the day...

Level 7
And the answer is... Asus mobo are pure JUNK. Will return that piece of crap and switch to another manufacturer. A gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H has no problem booting the Ryzen 2700 with the 32G of memory the b350-i has problem with.

Worth noting that the Asus mobo passed two full memtest running the Athlon 200GE.