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[MoBo]Maximus VII Formula, Water Cooling & Pump Connection to MoBo

Level 7
Hello one and all,

The build I'm working on will be water cooled, the Mother Board is "Maximus VII Formula" I looked through the user Guide / Book and it is showing that the CPU fan header can't handle more than 1 amp, the optional header shows no value as to min or max amp draw, I was thinking of connecting the PWM Water Cooling Pump to the CPU fan header. It seems like that will not work.

The Pump I just purchased from Performance-pcs The Pump motor is an EK-D5

I also plan to use the preinstalled VRM/Mosfet water blocks, that is if they are good enough to keep or should I use an after market set of water blocks?

I was hoping to set up temp curve with the pump, just as you would with the fans, I'm using the corsair ML120mm RGB fans and after posting in the corsair forums, I have found out that the Commander Pro will not be able to handle the Amp draw of the water cooling pump.

So at this point I'm looking to figure out what my options are, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.