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Mic issues - Still no fix?

Level 7
A perfectly working microphone sounds really low and with a lot of noise on a clean win 7 64 bit install using the latest drivers provided by Asus for the Maximus VI Hero (Realtek_Audio_Win7-8_8-1_VER6017023)

Nothing has been overlooked (volume levels, boosts, noise canceling...)

No known software settings alter this behavior (many tricks out there, none work).

Uninstalling drivers and using windows generic does not solve the issue.

Drivers seem bugged as they don't overwrite some windows settings (view youtube link below)

You can find many posts online where people seem to be confusing the error with the typical problems of a muted mic, boost not enabled, etc... and end up concluding that the problem is in the mic itself. Well, it's not. My mic works fine on my laptop and on my wife's desktop.

All this fuzz about such a great Audio device on-board and the drivers are the messiest thing I've seen in years, hard to believe this is actually shipped like this. Also something tells me devs themselves have issues as I noticed in this video:

So what's the deal here? Disable in bios and install old Sound Blaster?

Atlast i found a solution to this!I installed the beta drivers by selecting windows 8.1 x64 and the issue is gone and yes i've got windows 7 and they work.

This is seriously annoying. I had the same problem with the Maximus V Extreme. I tried everything, even RMA'd twice. Had same problem with replacement board. I eventually was given a downgrade (Maximus V Gene) just before the service center closed down and that one also same thing. Three different microphones all very soft. How can this still be an issue throughout two different generations of boards?

I hope the 8.1 driver works for me too. Good luck all. No more Asus for me!

Level 7
Ok I'm on my 3rd Maximus VI Hero after RMAing the first two because of this fault. The 3rd one also has the fault!

It's bloody annoying because otherwise it's a good board. I've tried several different drivers.

Anyone think there's any chance of ASUS acknowledging this fault and giving me a sound card to use instead of the on-board one?

Same problem here got an maximus iv extreme tried different headsets same headset ons different machines only got the problem on the maximus mobo

Level 7
For those who claim that Maximus VI Hero has a problem with the microphone:

Installed Win 8.1 and the beta sound driver from mobo's ASUS page ( Plugged the headphone into the jacks of the front panel, blowing in the microphone, couldn't hear anything in my headphones. Boosted the mic in Realtek HD Audio Manager, nothing! What the ****, ASUS?

Now, clicked the speaker icon in the taskbar, then the speaker symbol on top 35785
In Speaker Properties went to Levels tab, enabled both speakers for Microphone and Front Pink In, moved the sliders to the right, blew in the microphone and my ears went crazy!35786

So, the microphone works great and so does the integrated sound of Maximus VI Hero which is excellent. I love you, ASUS!

Okay, so now I waited for a drivers update.. Nothing has happened since I last posted.
If you really care about reputation something has to be done.
Not a single response from anyone who is eligible to answer these questions has responded. I read somewhere "ill bump this upstairs" that was months ago and still no response...
If you make a motherboard that is considered to be the best on the market and even startup a forum for the rog genre to answer questions regarding issues about The rog product then I expect as a customer some very adequate and educated staff with atleast some clue of whats going on..
However, not a single response from someone that is qualified regarding motherboards with sound issues have responded (only other people with the same problem). It is clearly a problem alot of people are experiencing, and if you really care about reputation you better make someone with the knowledge about these issues explain this to us.
I feel this is my right as a paying customer, especially since the product made by you is not living up to the expected quality.
And I must say this is by far the worst customer service I ever experienced..

Your move Asus.

Level 7
Ok guys, I was crazy about that too, 2-3 months ago, when I bought my M6F, all previously working mics were with low volume, I have tried all- disabling all sound effects from the control panel, then tried from windows mixer, all mic volumes are maxed, tried front mic, back mic, all possible drivers, even one from MSI website with the same chipset and audio ( which weirdly worked the best). So I decided to try even the very very very old microphones which I had and were broken too.... I sat one day, fixing the wires and from 12 microphones (+ the broken which I fixed) , only one was working better ( I say better but not perfectly). I had to put it to mic boost 20+ and then I was able to hear myself from few meters away, still with white noise because of the boost, but thankfully working. Actually if you use it like a headset, you might go down on the boost to 10+ , with a reasonable volume, that others can hear. Just to make the things clear, seems different mics have different dependence which all audio chipsets on z87 are very sensible to. The mic I use and work is "Gembird Single over the ear Earphone with Boom Microphone" . Please do not take it for finall word as I am not taking responsibilities if this doesn't work, but if your friend has one of this, please try it. Hopefully I helped someone here. 🙂

Level 10
From reading the thread - are people having different issues with the microphone or the same issues?

As a test - I just tried the front panel mic and headphone (using a Sennheiser headset) - and did a test call within Skype and, from my perspective, it worked well.

I haven't tried using the rear panel though.

I am still running BIOS version 0804.

Running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit).

According to Windows (under Device Manager -> Sound, video and game controllers -> Realtek High Definition Audio) I am running:

Driver: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Driver Date: 21/08/2013
Driver Version:
MOTHERBOARD: ASUS Maximus VI Formula (BIOS 0804)
CPU: Intel i5-4670k
HDD 1: Samsung SSD 250G 840BW EVO
HDD 2: Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Caviar Blue 7200rpm
RAM: 16gb (2x8) G. Skill RipJawsX DDR3-2133
PSU: Seasonic X-Series 750W 80 Plus Gold
GPU: Gigabyte GV-N770OC-4GD
CASE: Fractal Design Define R4
MONITOR: Samsung S24C300HL; BenQ E2200HD
OS: Windows 10 Professional
Other: MS Wired 600; Logitech MX 310; Sennheiser PC 151 & Logitech Z150

Check your mic fast and easy.

Level 7
Well, I am having a MIC issue on my Impact. volume is not low, there just isn't any at all when I talk. Tried multiple mic's with the front and rear connections, Windows 7 64 bit see's the mic's but nothing comes out of them. I have a USB mic somewhere I will try once I dig it out.

I installed the drivers on the disc and have not updated them yet but will do that next as well.

Edit: USB Mic works fine.