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MF6 - REPLACE the CMOS Battery BEFORE INSTALLING or you'll be sorry - CR2032

Level 7
The MF6 comes with a cheap Newson 3V CR 2032 Battery that dies shortly after installation!
The MF6 manual has NO INFORMATION on what CMOS battery is used or how to change it. There is also NO INFO on removing the ROG Armor in the manual. What should have been a 4-6 minute solution will take 4-6 hours if you built a higher end system with water cooling. You need to remove ALL cards installed on the MF6, drain and remove your water cooling system, remove the MF6 from your system (if you only have water-cooling to your CPU have a second person hold it) flip it over while you remove 6 mounting screws from the back just to get at the CMOS battery. A much, much simpler solution is to cut the armor in 2 places so you have a bendable door to the CMOS battery - Oh and by the way you just voided your warranty! Replace the cheap battery with an Energizer 3V CR2032 (check it for full charge) and keep your fingers crossed that this battery will last a long, long time. :mad:

Level 12
My Rampage 4 Extreme also came with a battery that had no power in it. I guess it had been sitting in stock too long or something 🙂 My other asus boards(M5E/M5G/Z68 pro) all still have the batterys they came with still working fine.

These Batts should last years in a Mobo (5yrs at least).

Level 12
Yeah that's my experience, have old S478 mobo's that still have juice in them. Guess my R4E had a real bad battery 🙂