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Memory problems

Level 9
Hi, I just bought a 12gb hyperX ram kit located here. I have a Rampage III Extreme. Since then I have had several blue screens, and pretty much any game crashes to desktop within 10 minutes. When I re-installed my old memory, the problems went away. I checked, and its not on the memory qualified supported vendor list for this board, but it was last updated in april 2010, and I'm not sure this memory was even available back then. Can someone tell me if this memory is supported on my board?

Not sure if I should exchange the kit or return it.

Thanks in advance

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Probably want to run memtest86 to make sure your RAM modules are working. Also, try running your system with one module, then slowly add more until you get a BSOD.

I have to ask, are you overclocking right now? Try reverting your system back to stock settings first.

Level 9
Yeah I had it overclocked to begin with and then put it back to stock, but still had the errors. Tried the RAM at 1600 and 1333 as well, with errors on both speeds. I haven't started with memtest yet or running them one at a time, thanks for the idea. I will probably start that tomorrow cause my old ram is working fine for the time being.

Level 9
thanks again sancho for the advice. found out one stick is bad and wont do 1600 @ 1.65, but works at 1333 @ 1.5. Contacted Frys and going to exchange the kit for a fresh one.