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MB asus x99 strix gaming + i7 6850k, RAM work at 3600mhz ??

Level 7
Hello, cough first of all I want to clarify English is not my mother tongue sorry in advance for mistakes I use a translator

MB: asus x99 strix gaming
proco: i7 6850k oc at 4.5 for 1.35V
WC: liquid freezer 2 240MM
RAM: 32GB 4X8 3600mhz crucial ballistix case 16
CG: 1080ti WC EVGA
SSD: samsung 970 evo 500gb
SSD 2: samsung qvo 4TO
PS: Corsair HX1000 80+ Platinum
case: Corsair Crystal 570X Tempered

I recently bought the 4X8 ram at 3600 mhz crucial ballistix to replace my old 2666 corsair LPX vengance because I had very low perf! without knowing that my proco and my MB supported 3333 mhz oc maximum !!!!, to my surprise I can run the ram at 3600 mhz with the xmp profile, normal that I can run its frequencies? then what should be maximum at 3333 mhz

and I also wanted to know if this will not damage my CM or my proco in the future !!!!

Thank you in advance for your answers

my temperatures are very good and I was able to do some benchmarks on r15 trying to make records at 4.6 mhz at 1.41V not stable I also put the link with the captures

Level 7
and I also have another concern is that the frequency of my cpu drops from it even instead of remaining fixed at 4500 mhz I have sometimes very large mhz drops I can go from 4500mhz to 4447 mhz as on the capture or much worse at 132 mhz and I can feel it in games when the frequency drops I set in windows 100% cpu power supply but that doesn't change anything I think it's a bios setting but I don't not where it is