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Maximus VII Ranger: no DisplayPort output until Windows boots, how to fix?

Level 7
Hi there,
I've recently gotten a new screen that has a display port connector. At first I thought it was broken because it would not output anything for the first half minute after boot; however, once Windows 10 starts up the monitor works fine.

So I figured out that the monitor does not output the BIOS messages to the DisplayPort monitor, it only does so via the HDMI (I have a Geforce GTX 970). That kinda sucks because I cannot access the BIOS, see the messages for e.g. boot medium selection etc. without connecting a different screen via the HDMI output.

Is there a way to set up the BIOS such that it is displayed via the DP output? Since you cannot configure a graphics card, I figured my best bet would be to find some BIOS setting that allows this...

Best regards,

Level 10
Have you tried clearing the bios and reseating the card? Is the board running the latest bios version? The monitor should default to the connector with the monitor attached unless you have multiple monitors and then it will start with the lowest connector and work its way upward to the dp which is last in the chain.
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