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Maximus VII Hero (Z97) Shutdown every 30 minutes

Level 7
So i recently swapped out an i7-4790 cpu (it died) for an i5-4570 which is technically a downgrade but temporarily until i can find a 5th gen cpu and update the bios that allows the use of them. However after replacing the i7 with the i5 the system keeps shutting down every 30 minutes. It doesn't matter if i am in the bios idling or windows it will shutdown at that exact time almost like a timer is running somewhere hiding inside either the motherboard or the cpu itself. The really weird thing is during those 30 minutes i can run stress tests, run everything normally and everything works fine, the temps for all the hardware are completely fine and within normal range, it also seems that doing a pc restart seems to restart the timer back to 0 allowing you to use the pc for another half hour so you can keep doing restarts and keep using the pc but that would be very annoying to do i imagine and it's in no way a long term or even a short term solution.

Basically the 30 minute timer or whatever it is is preventing the computer running past the 30 minute mark even though all the hardware is running fine and is cool. Voltages seem to be fine aswell. I heard Motherboard's do round checks every half hour and if something doesn't pass it shuts down the pc but i'm not sure if this is true or not, maybe the cpu is causing this. I also noticed on the information page in the bios it says the intel me version says "N/A". Since this is a self built PC I never installed MEI or any drivers or firmware related to it in the first place so i'm not sure if it's supposed to say N/A or not since i didn't care for MEI. I Assume it was "N/A" when the i7 was in use and never had problems but honestly i can't remember since i only bothered to check once a few years ago when the i7 was new and i'm not sure if it's related to the timed shutdowns.

Does anyone have an answer to this strange phenomenon? Are you not allowed to downgrade the cpu on the same MB? I double checked if the cpu is compatible and sure enough it is. So what is going on here? I am completely puzzeled as to what is happenening since technically all the hardware inside the pc is fine, nothing is loose either and all the settings were set to default. Any help is welcome, thanks.

Level 7
Just to update the thread, i did some testing with the old I7-4790 (the one that wouldn't post and had the red led light beside the cpu with the 00 code) and put it on another pc with a z97 mobo and it posted and ran just fine, infact it was flawless. So this seems to be a motherboard issue for sure, For some reason the faulty motherboard can detect an i5-4570 just fine and post to bios and windows, it runs flawless (for the 30 minutes until the pc decides to shutdown by itself) stress test and everything works fine.

The issue right now is why does it detect and runs the i5-4570 but not the i7-4790 anymore (which has worked for years), i even tested with an extra working and identical i7-4790 and the same errors crop up. So something has happened to the point where it won't detect and run other cpu's while other specific ones like the i5 post fine. I wonder if something has happened to the socket like a bent pin, missing pin, or some kind of damage. That might explain the weird issues including the mobo going ballistic on the 30 minute timer even though the i5 works fine during that time limit.

Does anyone know if socket issues or something around the cpu area of the MB could be causing this kind of behavior?. It seems the i7 is infact not dead so something is definately wrong with the mobo since the same i7 runs just fine on another one with the same chipset, i can of coarse include pics of the socket if someone would be interested in them to check anything out of the ordinary. Any help is of coarse welcome.