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Maximus VII Hero New BIOS 3003

Level 10
Hello everyone!
Just flashed new BIOS without any problems. How about you guys?
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Level 7
WTF guys? Where such jumps? Overclocking in the BIOS fixed bus: 100Mhz, x46, uncore 4000Mhz


Is there a way to flash bios without resetting all my settings by hand?
If I save my cmos and try to restore it after flashing it will never works for me...
What can I do?

If you flash BIOS you lose every single setting(even saved profiles).

Level 7
After going through the BIOS multiple times with a microscope and turning off any and all settings that pertain to OCing (which some are on by default so you gotta keep your eyes peeled) I "think" my problem might be cured. I will stress it with a good bit of GTA V which was causing me tons of BSOD's last week. So far though I have not gotten any playing BF4 or FO4 over the past couple of days. Cross your fingers!

Level 7
EDIT : My bad, forget that now a fresh win10 1511 install set the power management as "performance" instead of "balanced"

Dear god, that win10 1511 is the worst windows version i ever had to deal with.. So many issues had to reinstall this thing so many time.
Even windows vista was less annoying than this crap 1511 version... Hope somes proper update are going to come soon -_-"

Anyway, about the new bios, that look fine tho.

No issues at all with the latest BIOS or Win 10 1511. Very smooth.

Level 7
What is the best and save method update bios? Flashback or EZ Flash?

Level 10
I've been using usb flashback in aisuite 3 with good results but you can do it however you'd like.
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