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Maximus VII hero don't boot (CODE 00)

Level 7

i just build my new rig, this is the config:

Intel i7 4790k
Asus Maximus VII Hero
Corsair h110i gt
G.skill 8gb 2133 cl9
Ssd Samsung evo 840
Msi gtx 980
Xfx 650w.

I plug all the connector, i check position of the cpu, of the ram, nothing,, when i press start the mobo stay Always at code 00, and don't do nothing, so i really don't know what can i do, the mobo is broken?
thx for your help

Level 7
Ok Guys update. Yesterday I got the new mobo. Plug all and it have code 00 but this time I noticed a red led near the 24pin. Doing a little research and I discovered this mean or the cpu is broke or the bios isn't update and don't recognize the cpu.. So hoping the second idea I use the asus flashback... Really amazing.. So I update the last bios.. Really easy procedure... I love this feature. BTW in got the same error qcode 00 and cpu led on.. So it's the cpu... I will rma it and I will know you. In the next episode

Level 7
Ok guys update. My new cpu from intel came. And now all Work good. So in my case the cpu is the problem. The for the support. And I have already update to the last bios.