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Maximus VII Hero code A2 problem with no signal

Level 7
Moderator I originally replied to the post "Maximus VI extreme A2 (IDE Detect)" with part of the following. The problems associated with code A2 that others have experienced occurred after the BIOS was displayed. But in my case the A2 code occurs with no beeps or any display it therefore warrants, I think, its own post. As I don't know the sequence of events I wonder if the firmware BIOS is involved. The code that appears before the A2 is 64 CPU DXE binitialization is started.

Level 13
List all parts used - include monitor make/model and how it is connected to the GPU/iGPU.

I have just pulled the graphics card and the BIOS came up I'm now installing windows. I shall try when the OS is installed to put the Asus GTX 770 graphics card back.

I finally got it working, with the graphic card. I have no idea why it didn't work initially but your note about monitors made me remove and then re installed the card. When building a system it is best to test it with the minimum of added cards. Thanks

Level 13
You didn't answer anything I asked so there is not much I can suggest.