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Maximus VII GENE CPU cooler (heatsink) compatibility

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Hey all, newcomer to the forums. I really love the look of this motherboard but I was wondering what CPU heatsinks it will support. I know the 212 EVO will definitely fit but what about larger heatsinks like the Noctua NH-D14 or Deepcool Assassin? This might be a noob question, sorry if it is, I'm tech savvy but its been almost 10 years since I've built a PC, just been out of the loop for awhile. Thanks in advance guys.

WhitePaw wrote:
well the sum of all this, i dont think you will be able to fit a HSF with larger size than mine on a Gene board, not without having to make compromises..

Yeh, I hear you. I'm probably only talking 1mm less clearance here, but it is the "probably" that has me nervous.

Odd then that Noctua rated their 140mm HSFs as okay, as long as the GPU doesn't "have large protruding components at the back".

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the cooler fit this board just fine with the stock fan/mounting mechanism (without modifications), but no xtra space is available..

i hope any of this helped out

Would I be right in reading those pictures as showing an enclosure over the top of the GPU circuit board? If so, it may give me back that second mm of clearance.

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If you like the look of matterhorn rev c, get one?

It will fit, but isnt cheap

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yes, its space, even tho this gpu is fitted with a backplate

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i cant speak for the rev b version, since this is rev c..

Good luck

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Hi friends, so in the end a 120 mm cooler like phanteks tc12 has no clearance problems either with the first PCIe slot or the audio module on the GENE VII?