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Maximus vii formula Why does this motherboard fail when attempting to auto config??

Level 7
I do not understand why when selecting any easy setup this motherboard returns with auto configure has failed please return the settings to default. When I first built the machine it set the cpu at 4.8 ghz and I was really impressed - it later transpired that every 5 hrs or so the windows 8.1 would bsod with a watchdog error - I eventually resolved this nightmare by going over every setting in the bios and returning to default. My question is why does auto config fail so bad and if any one has the patience and kindness could you advice step by step how to set up this pc if possible to operate at 4.8 ghz stabily.

My last asus motherboard just did what it said on the tin - I asked for speed up and it did it - reliably in fact it was so reliable it is still running in the same auto speed up mode at 4.4 ghz right now and next to me. I just wanted to select auto config and run with what it brings to the table - auto config fails is not errr - what I expected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and a step by step guide a god send. Best regards ALL

Level 13
Glad to see you're getting good stability that should last through 24/7 use. The screencap looks pretty good for combined Aida64 stress - all temperatures under 80C. The quick recovery is typical for a good water loop.

I suggest Realbench for a stress test - the benchmark, not its stress test. It's a little more fun and you can put the results on the leaderboard. Download from the Realbench section of this forum. Realbench is less stressful while doing a better job of testing than Aida64.

Glad I could help some.