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Maximus vii formula Why does this motherboard fail when attempting to auto config??

Level 7
I do not understand why when selecting any easy setup this motherboard returns with auto configure has failed please return the settings to default. When I first built the machine it set the cpu at 4.8 ghz and I was really impressed - it later transpired that every 5 hrs or so the windows 8.1 would bsod with a watchdog error - I eventually resolved this nightmare by going over every setting in the bios and returning to default. My question is why does auto config fail so bad and if any one has the patience and kindness could you advice step by step how to set up this pc if possible to operate at 4.8 ghz stabily.

My last asus motherboard just did what it said on the tin - I asked for speed up and it did it - reliably in fact it was so reliable it is still running in the same auto speed up mode at 4.4 ghz right now and next to me. I just wanted to select auto config and run with what it brings to the table - auto config fails is not errr - what I expected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and a step by step guide a god send. Best regards ALL

Level 13
Hi, RedTez

Automatic settings on the Maximus boards are configured for several degrees of CPU quality that were arbitrarily chosen. A below average CPU may not work at 4.6 GHz and have to fall back to stock turbo 4.4. It takes quite a good CPU to run at 4.8GHz at all, let alone with 24/7 stability. It appears from what you say that your CPU is almost good enough to work at 4.8 GHz and may need only a little additional tweaking. The difference and inconsistency is in Haswell CPUs, not in the M7F. That's what we call the silicon lottery. You actually have a winner if it's close at 4.8GHz

A first suggestion is to manually drop the core clocks back to 4.7 GHz - in BIOS or AI Suite, set the max multiplier to 47. That will back off speed to a point that may be stable while still being snappy quick. I usually run a 4790K at 4.6 GHz for 24/7 use.

Before I make any suggestions about 4.8GHz that may bring forth smoke, please tell me about your cooling setup and about the Vcore that CPU is getting for 4.8GHz. I ask because the watchdog error (101?) has as much to do with heat as with voltage, so "increase Vcore" isn't a clean solution here.


Thankyou very much for a reply - it is a great feeling to read something that makes a lot of sense - I built a loverly machine with all asus stuff with the sole intention of running at 4.8 ghz. The cooling is xspc loop with the mobo incorporated. I have a slight concern of the ram as it seems to report all kinds of numbers when I have inspected it - not in a crazy not working way but in a maybe the mobo has set them up wrong or the app is reading them wrong. Everytime I try to use memtweakit I get "Login error code= -532462766". It's like every avenue I go along to try to get this pc to set it self up I get some kind of software error on the way. The ram is Kingston hyperbeast X 2.4mhz - 32 gb in 4 sticks all in serial number sequence and show no errors on any check I have run.

(Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB (4x8GB) PC3-19200C11 2400MHz Quad Channel Kit (KHX24C11T3K4/32X))

The watchdog error I wrote down when encountered and was the following - Clock Watchdog Timeout - this is repeatable but takes about 5 hrs idling in win 8.1 - in my current 4.4ghz settings the pc has run for days and days doing everything from gaming to p2p updating my pso2 game using torrents etc etc.

I would just like to choose go faster or even the 5 step Dual Intelligent Processor and se something other than "Failed" result. The bios setings will not now be all set to default as it tried to boost and failed and now I don't know what settings it picked.

Best Regards

Level 7
Using auto configuration is not advised for any type of serious overclock or for having long term stability.

The Ai tends to over volt and has limited functionality for fine tuning. The bios has many more options for overclocking and fine tuning. The following link shows quite a few bios settings that will help with this. You really need to make adjustments then stability test to fail then make more adjustments to fine tune.

Level 7
@ Chevell crikey - errrm - lots there to mull over - errrm I was thinking of following this

Any opinions good or bad??

My pc is water cooled with a 360mm 3 fan radiator - the vrm is included in the loop - stress test for an hour I saw 50's constant temps with cpu 100% and usual usage is around 32c.

RedTez wrote:
@ Chevell crikey - errrm - lots there to mull over - errrm I was thinking of following this

Any opinions good or bad??

My pc is water cooled with a 360mm 3 fan radiator - the vrm is included in the loop - stress test for an hour I saw 50's constant temps with cpu 100% and usual usage is around 32c.

Your cooling sounds great.
If you get to the second page of the link you will see the basic bios settings he used and they should help to get the CPU stable with the least amount of V-core. There are really only a few key settings that are required.

Level 13
As chevell said, your cooling sounds great and at 32C, that's good for normal uses 24/7. 50's in stress is also good. That makes me think you are using AI Suite temperature monitor. That measures a sensor on the MB under the CPU. You should use HWMonitor, Aida64 or another monitor that shows core temperatures. Core temperature is always higher because that's where the power is burning and that's the place most sensitive to heat. Brief core temperatures over 80C are acceptable in stress testing as long as normal use temperatures stay under 70C.

It's also true that manual overclocking is much more effective than automated. I don't even have AI Suite installed and do all CPU and RAM overclocking in BIOS. Here are two OC guides from this very site. They're the ones I learned the most from. Don't worry that they're for Maximus VI and 4770K. Everything applies equally to 4790K in M7F.

Memtweakit is okay for reporting RAM settings, but Haswell architecture won't let us change anything from within Windows. Sorry, don't know why you're getting an error message.

As to 4.8GHz -- My 4790K takes 1.49 Vcore (!) to be stable at 4.8GHz ( and 1.33v at 4.7GHz). At that point, it burns over 160 watts and core temperature goes over 90C in stress tests. That's with a water loop about like yours and the CPU not delidded. That's just barely in the max temperature range before the CPU starts throttling. No way do I use that 24/7. The question was what core voltage your CPU uses when it nearly works at 4.8? If it's over about 1.4 volts, really, think about settling for 4.7 GHz which could run with voltage under 1.35 and be much cooler. If you have some headroom, you can try core voltage in the 1.4 - 1.45 range if you are monitoring core temperatures and don't let them go too high.

That may improve to the point where the watchdog errors quit. If the errors don't improve, or even get worse, the CPU is probably running hotter than it likes for that clock rate. Watchdog (code 101) errors are symptomatic of that - regardless of the temperature and the 100C throttling limit, a CPU comes to some temperature where it doesn't run that clock rate, the clock stops on one or more cores and the watchdog catches the error.

It's more likely the CPU would need to be cooler. With your good water cooling in place already, any meaningful temperature improvement requires delidding. That lets you replace the so-so TIM under the lid with something better like liquid metal. That's a big step, fraught with risk and voids the CPU warranty. Your choice may come down to 4.7GHz or delidding.


Jeff!! Nice to hear from you especially the above information - I tried everything I could to get to 4.8 ghz but it just wasn't stable - I used AIDA64 and the temp spiked at over ninety every so often but I think I only tried 1.3 volts. Eventually I set my sights down and decided to work with 4.7 ghz as stability is much more important than 100 mhz. I ended up with the following stress test using xmp and auto everything with dialled in 2400mhz ram settings and 47 multipliers on all cores. I think I am very close to 4.8 but every bsod on my luverley new shiney pc was like a stress test on the heart not to mention the stress test to my senses when thinking of the two matrix platinum 780ti's in there exposed to every bsod. Lol to make matters worse - in the middle of the 4.8 configuring - win 8.1 decided it had 15 updates to install (please do not turn off your pc) lol at me.


Anyway if you would be so kind to take a look at the pic and give me your opinion?? When I ended the test the temps were very close to normal instantly. Maybe a couple of degrees up from normal.

Thankyou and the autos were much better than I originally thought - just 4.8 though showing initial promise is maybe too tall a hill for my cpu??

Level 9
I had the same Watchdogs BSOD error on my M7F, with no overclock at all. I don't believe it's related to your overclock, rather, Watch_Dogs is seeing Sonic Radar 2 on your computer and pre-bans you as a cheater, IMO!

I consider Watch_Dogs to be spyware for this reason, and as I never even played the game, I did a wipe and reinstall and left Watchdogs out, and then uninstalled Sonic Radar after installing the Realtek audio driver (SR2 is auto-installed with this driver).

Boom. Problem fixed, at least in my situation.

*edit* I have not overclocked my system at all, matter of fact all I've done is set XMP for my 2400MHz RAM. The Auto-Tune wanted to set my CPU at 4.8 I believe, and RAM at 2633....though I may be remembering those numbers wrong. I was not comfortable at all with those settings, so didn't save the changes. I'll tune manually over time, as i get around to it 🙂

Pahani - Lol the watchdog error is nothing to do with the game watchdogs it is a name of An error that is reported after a BSOD (blue screen of death) google Clock Watchdog Timeout to see what causes it. My M7F did like yours and set it self up to 4.8 and I thought myself to have hit the cpu lottery jackpot - until 5 hrs in I had the dreaded BSOD - just like you I reset it to default and I mean I reset everything to default by the book and my pc ran at 4.4 for a fortnight with no bsod 24/7. I am now at that time you describe when I decided to tune it manually and I am finding the bsod clock watchdog timeout and Whea Incorrectable Error to be un resolvable so last resort I backed off to x47 multipliers and stress tested with aida64 for 12 hrs with no hiccups - no bsod since. Thanks for giving a response.