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Maximus vii formula watercooling leak caused "d7" board error

Level 7
Motherboard model: maximus vII FORMULA

UEFI Version: unknown, cant post


Memory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: corsair 2 x 8 GB

GPU: Asus Poseidon gtx 980

SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: intell SSD (currently not connected

PSU: corsair ax 860i

USB Devices (model/version number):


CPU Cooler: koolance water cooling block


Operating system: Microsoft Activated yes/no? windows 10 activated

Drivers Installed (include version):

Any third Party temp/voltage software installed:

System Overclocked (provide details)? asus ai suite overclock to 4.00


ok so everything was working / running fine. i noticed a water leak from the onboard VRM water block (thanks asus), so i imediatly shut down the pc, drained the water cooling loop wiped everything down with paper towel then let it sit for 8 days to dry. i bypassed the vrm block, filled the loop and powered up only the water cooling pump and let it run for about 36 hours with no leaks. then i connected only the water pump, motherboard (24 pin and 2 8 pin), and graphics card, no hdds or ssds. The motherboard displayed a bunch of different codes while starting up but stopped at "d7". i tried again without the graphics card with no change. grabbed another power supply, this one only had 1 8 pin connector for cpu, tried that with no change, still getting the "d7" error code. just to be clear the computer is not posting. nothing displays on my screen. at this point im not sure what else to try, is my motherboard toast?

Hi Jamesmc1120

Welcome to the ROG forum.

I use Koolance coolant and years ago I had a leak on a socket 775 motherboard, it dripped onto the back of the gpu and worked its way down in the pcie slot and sure enough, it damaged the gpu and pcie slot to where they wouldn't work. It says the coolant has low conductivity but it must conduct enough to destroy components.

How much coolant leaked and what all did it get on to ?

so the leak was beside the socket, not on top but a decent amount did leak down onto the pci slots. i noticed because my reservoir was half empty.
im just wondering if this erro could be something else, or maybe there is some points on the mobo i can test with a multi meter or something?

If the coolant didn't get on the gpu, that's a gift.

If the coolant got down into the pcie slots, that's not a good sign.

Try your gpu in the 2nd pice x16 slot and see if it posts.

Level 9
According to the user manual, error code D7 - No Console input devices are found.

Did you try clearing the CMOS?

Level 9
I had the leak issue on my previous PC,when waterblock’s acrylic top cracked and everything spilled on top PCI-E slot,where GPU was.Image disappeared at once.I turned off pc,removed power cable.
Then completely disassembled PC,removed motherboard (removed heat pipes-Asus Striker Extreme)and cleaned it with some electrical cleaning liquid which not needed to wipe out-it just evaporate by itself.After this I assembled Pc and it is working.I have EK Liquid red colour.All this was washed away 🙂 so my motherboard is like new.

i wondered about clearing the cmos but i didn't think that was relevant here. i was definitely wrong however because I cleared the cmos and "snap, crackle, pop" it posted.
the graphic card isn't working yet but i think i just need to clean the pci pins more and probably use a different pci slot on the mobo.

thanks guys, as is usually the case i just didn't try enough of the basic troubleshooting things.
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This is sounding good and you have better luck than I did.

Keep us updated. 🙂

so, i pulled another stupid. the reason the graphics card wasn't working was because the other end of the power cables were not plugged into the psu. once i did that it worked great. By this point i had cables everywhere because i didn't want to power up anything i didn't have to in case the mobo was shorting out or something.

that being said, i would like to give a huge shout out to koolance. there water cooling blocks, hose and connectors seemed awesome when i built this pc 2 or 3 years ago. no leeks from their stuff yet ( this leak was from mobo VRM block). i was using koolance coolant and i can say for sure that it has very low conductivity because i had coolant on the mobo itself as well was inside some of the pci slots and it caused no issues what-so-ever.
thanks for all the help. everything is back up to normal.

Level 14
Note to self: use dielectric fluid (Midel 7131 or whatever) instead of usual antifreeze/water mix in next DIY liquidcooled build.
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