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Maximus VII Formula HDMI audio

Level 7
Hello, using Maximus VII Formula with i7-4790 CPU. I'm trying to get audio from PC to my Yamaha receiver. SPDIF works fine, however I want to use HDMI (for HD audio). Inside motherboard manual I can see:

[SPDIF] Sets to an SPDIF audio output.
[HDMI] Sets to an HDMI audio output.

However this item is completely missing for me in BIOS. Is there some other item I need to enable in BIOS in order to get this HDMI option? I have updated Realtek drivers but inside Windows (Win10 64bit) I only have 'Realtek Digiat Output' saying it uses rear panel optical jack.

Thx in advance. Any hint is highly appreciated!

Level 11
Is your HD Audio controller enabled? (those options disappear if not enabled)

Have you tried the playback devices selection for the HDMI audio (if it exists), and/or made it default device during playback?

It is enabled. I have :

Front Panel Type [HD Audio]
[HD Audio] Sets the front panel audio connector (AAFP) mode to high definition audio.
[AC97] Sets the front panel audio connector (AAFP) mode to legacy AC’9

This option is also not shown if HD Audio is not enabled, but for some reason second option for digital audio output is simply not there.

Just found this thread, which is basically same question:

Level 11
Yeah, that's ironic, and kind of disappointing. :rolleyes: Two ideas left is all I have, one is to check to see if there is a switch on the board instead. Second is to try settings in Sonic Soundstage if that's the audio software you're using to control the board output.

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately inside Realtek HD Audio Manager I can only see that digital output (SPDIF) is used, but no setting to change it. As for button on mobo, I see it is for SoundStage modes, so it will do no good.

What I wonder thou, should on-board GPU be activated (where?!) in BIOS in order for HDMI port to appear as audio output option?