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Maximus VII audio issues after latest Windows update

Level 7
Hey guys,

I'm using Windows 10 64-bit Version 1607 and it got an automatic cumulative update yesterday KB3200970. The board is Maximus VII Formula with an i7 4790K and 16Gb RAM and an ASUS Strix GTX 1080.

Following the update, I am having significant issues with my audio drivers. I still have sound in audio and video files, however, I no longer hear usual windows sounds like plugging in or removing a device, getting notifications or when increasing or decreasing volume using the volume button in the taskbar. Some audio in games is not played either, like menu sounds in DOOM and Dishonored 2.

I uninstalled the drivers and all audio returned to normal with the default windows drivers. I tried to reinstall the latest drivers available on the ASUS support site (Realtek Audio Audio:GM:V6.0.1.7829_GM_StudioSound_SonicSuite_2.2 .25_SonicRadar_2.1.3301.0 ) because I use Sonic Studio quite a bit and the audio issues came back.

I also tried to get the latest drivers available from Realtek's site and from here

If I use the windows default drivers, everything works fine, but obviously I cannot use any enhanced features like room correction with those.
If I separate front and rear panels in options and use headphones, everything works for the headphones, but same issues remain for the 5.1 surround system.

Changing bitrate doesn't work for me either And as soon as I install any of the actual drivers, everything breaks.

I have also tried doing a complete uninstall of the drivers and removing any trace of them using Revo Uninstaller Pro to no avail.
Really need some help on this! Any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Just tried rolling back the update, but no dice.

Level 10
Try the realtek driver from their site.
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As I said, I already have...

Level 7
SO, I finally worked this all out myself and this would probably work for any ASUS motherboard owners having issues with Realtek audio drivers on Windows 10.

1. Remove the Realtek installation with Revo Uninstaller and remove all traces of it with the advanced option it gives you.
2. Use Driver Fusion. Go to the driver family section -> sound, select Realtek and choose the delete option at the bottom to remove all Realtek residual driver files.
3. Go here:
4. Get the latest driver from the windows update catalog as mentioned in the above link. It should be in a .cab format. Make sure to download the driver according to your system architecture i.e. x86 or x64.
5. DO NOT install it using the .cab installation method. Instead just extract the cab file to a folder.
6. Go to Device Manager and select your audio device, which should now be "High Definition Audio" instead of "Realtek High Definition Audio"
7. Right click it and Select "update driver software."
8. Select the "Browse my computer for software" option and point it to the folder where you extract the .cab file earlier.
9. It will install the audio driver and all audio should now work perfectly.
10. Profit???