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Maximus VI Hero - Sonic Radar - Gaming Headset compatability tables

Level 7

The title says it all.
Does such a thing exist?
If not why not?

Can someone tell me if the Razer Tiamat 7.1 – Analog 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - See more at:
Will permit Sonic Radar to function in BF3/BF4?



Level 13
The software works independently of the headset at the driver/software level. It simply provides a graphical representation of which direction the sounds are coming from. That's why no such table for headphone compatibility is needed.

Level 8
I have that headset.....yes it works. Imo it was to distracting. After about 2 hrs of use i found myself staring at the radar 80% of the time. I play Planetside 2. It was really only useful when i was lone wolfing and an infil took a shot at me and missed. Normally i can gage about 30 degrees of the fire from the first shot and exact location on the second. The radar allowed me to be about 5 degrees. But that situation is vary far and few between so it wasn't that useful for me. Also the headset is really really good so it wasn't much of an upgrade. It might help people with 2.0 better than 7.1. Also on a side note the sound groupings never worked right for planetside 2. For footsteps i had to use callouts and for guns i had to use the bomb detector.
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