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Maximus VI Hero RAID won't boot when moving SATA ports

Level 7

I have installed 2 RAID arrays: RAID 1 with 2 boot SSDs and RAID 5 with 4 HDDs. They were connected to ports 0-5. ASMedia ports I use to connect external drives ad hoc. Both arrays were working perfectly. 

I just installed 2 Drive Cages to be able to swap and move drives easily. During the installation I changed which drive is connected to which SATA port (I do not remember exactly where they were connected originally). When I start up the PC now, RST sees all 6 drives and both arrays with no errors but the computer does not boot and gets stuck in the BIOS. 

Some more info:

  • If I remove the RAID 5 drives, it boots.
  • RST at boot says that both arrays are bootable - I don't remember the RAID 5 showing up as bootable before and for sure it is not bootable.
  • Boot options with just the RAID 1 array are UEFI, Windows Boot Manager, Intel RAID 
  • Boot options with the RAID 5 drives connect are the 3 above plus the RAID 5 array.  Forcing boot with one of the above options does not work.

It looks like changing ports messes things up. Or am I missing something?