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Maximus VI Hero boot failed at the first time please help me

Level 7
Hi guys this is my first build for a gaming pc and it doesn't works...
I turn it on, it turns on, but nothing appears on the monitor. After a review I saw on the mobo was the q-b2 code. I do not know what that means. Please I need help, the components are all compatible, I've checked over and over again but I do not know what to do ...

My build:
CPU: i7-4770k
Mobo: Maximus VI Hero (C2)
RAM: Corsair 8GB vegeance (4GBX2)
VGA: ASUS GTX 770 2GB DC2OC (not yet in possession)
PSU: 700W dragonpower
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1 TB
SSD: Sandisk Ultra Plus 64 GB

Level 15
Welcome to the ROG forums, Snowner.

Please confirm that you've connected the 8 pin power cable to your motherboard.

thanks : D
I've connected the 24 and the 8 pin power cables to the motherboard

Level 15
When your system is on with the B2 QCODE, please look beside the 24 pin power connector to find 4 QLEDs. Do any of them remain lit?

sorry for the late reply but I had to go away.
however, the VGA LED stays lit and I do not know if it helps but the B2 code only appears if the monitor is connected and if there are connected only mouse and / or keyboard shows the code AE