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Maximus VI Gene No Sound from Front or Back

Level 7
I recently purchased and built a computer using the Maximus VI Gene Motherboard. I have installed Windows 8 and I am currently have problems getting any sound to come out of the onboard sound from the jacks on the front and back of the machine. I have tried every possible setting using the Real Tek Audio Manager to no avail. I have also installed the latest Real Tek Audio drivers from the Asus website as well as the previous revision that is listed.

I am plugging in headphones [2 different pairs] as I do not have a pair of speakers lying around [I don't actually plan to use speakers]. Any guidance would be much appreciated.


Level 15
Welcome to the ROG forums, jsmiller84.

Go into your BIOS and check if the Realtek audio controller is activated.

Level 7
Hi Chino, I will have to double check when I get home, but I believe that the Realtek audio controller was enabled when I checked last night.

But, just to be sure, where can I find this option?