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Maximus VI Gene and Windows 10

Level 11
Regarding a Maximus VI Gene and a clean installation of Windows 10.

1) Does anyone have any experience using the Windows 10 versions of the Asus utilities from the Maximus VII and VIII Gene motherboards ?

  • AI Suite
  • GameFirst
  • BootSetting
  • MemTweakIt
  • RamCache or RamDisk

2) Where can you find the Windows 10 driver versions of the Asmedia 1042 and 1061 chipsets ?

Level 11
Has anyone tried to run Asus utilities for a Maximus VI Gene under Windows 10 ?

Are there work arounds to get the AI Suite and Boot Setting utilities to work under Windows 10 ?

Hi Denna

I was using windows 10 with my maximus v extreme, I don't see why the utilities wouldn't work with the maximus vi gene, windows 10 is supported on the downloads page.

Level 11

The Boot Setting utility is working now.

After installation, the Windows 10 Start menu shortcut was pointing to an Installshield Setup.exe. Attempting to run the program from that shortcut would prompt a Confirm Uninstall dialog box. However, the shortcut on the Desktop was correctly pointing to the Fastboot.exe path. Correcting the Start menu shortcut path fixed the problem.

The AI Suite is also working, but the only thing I found worth installing was the USB 3.0 Boost.

Though I've got RamDisk working, do you know what the difference between RamCache and RamDisk is ?