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Maximus VI Formula problem hooking monitor to second PCI Express slot.

Level 7
Hello everyone!

I am very happy with my Maximus VI Formula, fantastic motherboard! I have however what must be a simple question for which I can find no answer:

I have two 7970s, both work fine and my crossfire as everything else works fine. But for testing purposes I wanted to hook my (single) monitor to my second 7970 at the second PCI Express slot but the motherboard doesn't initialize the display when I do that. If I hook my monitor to the first PCI Express slot it powers the monitor and all is good, but not if I hook it to the second PCI Express slot instead.

In an older Asus motherboard i had, the P5Q3, there was in BIOS a booting option to boot from PEG instead of PCI that made it possible to put the monitor on either slot, first slot would be PCI, second slot would be PEG. There is no such option here that I could find. In System Agent there is only the option to choose iGPU or PCI express, which only powers the first slot. In the NB PCIe configuration there is an option for PEG-ASPM, I tried auto but the second slot still doesn't initialize the monitor.

So is it possible to put a single monitor on the second graphics card on the second PCI Express slot or can I use ONLY the first card and first PCI Express slot when crossfiring?

Thanks in advance!

Alan 🙂

kkn wrote:
set up your cards as stated in the manual.

Could you please elaborate? According to Praz there is no option to initialize the second card in the second slot, which is what I thought too after reading the manual very carefully and trying every PCIe option there is. Do you disagree? If so, please point me to the correct setting.

Level 7
Hey HiVizMan, I just wanted to say that since this issue was solved, you could now close the thread.

Later 🙂

Level 40
OK mate you enjoy your system.

Thread Closed.
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