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maximus vi formula HELP, it is dead for sure ?!?

Level 7
Hello all! I have a lot of problems with this MB!
My start button on the MB doesn't work anymore (even it is light up) ! I can only start my PC with the little button in the corner ,near by sata connector
; Any Solution ?!?
2.The most annoying
thing is my Pc doesn't start like use to do its hang up at 64 error .I manage to skip this error by moving the GPU (Radeon 7990) in the second slot pci x 16 but the video card works in 8X not in 16 X. When I use the first pci-e slot I receive that message: assus anti surge ........bla, bla, bla .I have the latest bios 1603 previos was 1302. Maybe some good settings in bios?!?!? My Specs: CPU- 4470K ,Ram 2x4gb 2133 Hyper X Geil, PSU - Corsair RM 1000 ,GPU 7990 water cooling , THANKS !

Hi brhams

You can put your gpu in the first pcie slot, clear the cmos and see if it boots. If you get the asus antisurge message you can disable antisurge in the bios.

As for starting your pc, does the power button on your case work?

It's normal for the 2nd pcie slot to run at x8 and there is virtually no performance loss.

'' If you get the asus antisurge message you can disable antisurge in the bios.
" Can you please tell me how step by step ?!?

Right now the GPU is in second slot ,I manage somehow to start it and I don't shut it down since 3-4days.The power button from the case also doesn't work because the connection on the mobo doesn't work! I tried with a screwdriver nothing happens....Thanks!

You're welcome

Have you used the Q-connector to connect your power switch, power led, hdd led etc... to the motherboard ?

I'm not sure where the anti surge is in the bios but it should be as simple as enabling or disabling it, take a look in your manual it should tell you.