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Maximus VI Formula Discussion Thread

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Maximus VI Formula Overview and Discussion Thread

The Maximus VI Formula should be available to purchase in a few weeks. A motherboard many have been waiting for, and for good reason. Plenty of cool features on offer, we won't go into them all, but have picked out some of the salient ones for you to check out below:

Board layout and features at a glance:

Gaming Features


The Maximus VI Formula sports a specialized audio solution called SupremeFX. Based on Realtek’s latest ALC1150 chipset, the Cirrus Logic DAC and the TPA6120 headphone amplifier and an optimized PCB layout - isolating PCB layers and spacing sensitive traces away from other areas of the motherboard. Shielding is also utilized to minimize spurious noise from entering signal lines. High quality capacitors are used for power supply decoupling to minimize ripple and provide a low impedance at audio critical frequencies. The end result is a 120dB SNR, placing the Maximus VI Formula's onboard audio solution on par with the best discrete soundcards available.

On the software side, the latest addition to the package is Sonic Radar:

The Sonic Radar GUI

Sonic Radar is a HUD that is useful in FPS games. It shows a visual representation of where sounds are coming from. The location of footsteps, gunshots, explosions and anything else is shown in the 360 degree HUD while gaming:

BF3 – Sonic Radar showing direction of audio effects

The HUD can be made more transparent and its location on the screen changed. Sonic Radar very useful feature when gaming with stereo headsets, where surround effects are simulated and may not be easy to pinpoint.

On the subject of headsets, Perfect Voice has been added to improve the clarity of VOIP calls. It’s a software based filter that uses digital signal processing to remove noise pickup from your mic while making a call:

DSP helps reduce ambient noise for clearer comms

Perfect Voice works with any plug in microphone/headset to clean up voice transmission during calls.


With high density memory modules and kits becoming the norm, many of us have an abundance of free memory on our systems that never gets utilized. ROG RAM Disk has been coded to take advantage of that free space to help speed up the system.


Unlike many free RAM drive tools, ROG RAM DISK has no size limitations – up to 80% of the free memory (not used by the OS) can be configured as a RAM drive.

To get you an idea of how fast a RAM drive is, check the screenshot below:

10000 MB/s sequential write speeds

Applications stored on ROG RAM DISK are written to hard storage (HHD/SSD) when the system is prompted for shutdown.

Of course, re-installing games to the RAM DISK would be a painful experience. That's why ROG RAM DISK has a feature know as Junction Mode.

Setting a junction point to a game folder allows critical game files to be transferred to the RAM DISK without interfering with the original installation. Just point the software at the game folder and it will take care of the rest. This way, critical files such as maps can be accessed directly from the RAM DISK, speeding up load times.

Discussing features is fine, but what really matters for many users in knowing a board can overclock and run stable. How about 24 hour stability testing? Here's a few screenies from JJ, showing the Maximus VI Formula running different memory configs and CPU overclocks:

Over 24 hours AIDA64 passed at 4.7GHz DDR3-2800 16GB 4x4

Over 24 hours AIDA64 passed at 4.6GHz DDR3-2133 32GB 8X4

4.8GHz DDR3-2400 AIDA 1 Hour - right at the limits of the CPU and cooling

Use this thread to discuss/share results when you get your boards folks 🙂
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Griiinbergs wrote:
Im thinking like Gtx 780/780ti as single gpu or like Gtx 680 in sli but still want to see what will be the new Gtx 800 series gpu's...

I'd go with one 780/780ti, then you can add a second one later down the road if you want to. If you go SLI, get the GTX 770 instead of the 680s. The GTX 770 is just an updated 680 with higher clocks. The GTX 800 series will be awesome, but I think you are going to have to wait at least six months before they will be available.

Level 7
For now im not rushing with my new pc build, still looking for best components reading the forums and other stuff tnx for advice for gpu's and yes i can w8 for gtx 800 series.

Level 7
Hi, guys. I just installed HWInfo64 and have some questions about the temperature probe locations.

This is a screenshot taken from the window. Would anyone know where the probes for Temp2, Temp4, Temp5 and Motherboard are located? Also, is the Intel PCH probe located at where the Z87 chipset is?


Level 7
quick question
dont know if its already asked

if i have a SLI configuration in a Maximus VI Formula
both PCI-E slot will be 8x
but if i put a Xonar Phoebus in the third Red slot (for esthetics)
the SLI still at 8x - 8x ? or the second and third share and drop a 4x - 4x

upsnef wrote:
quick question
dont know if its already asked

if i have a SLI configuration in a Maximus VI Formula
both PCI-E slot will be 8x
but if i put a Xonar Phoebus in the third Red slot (for esthetics)
the SLI still at 8x - 8x ? or the second and third share and drop a 4x - 4x


As stated in both the specifications and the manual using all three x16 PCIe slots will result in x8/x4/x4.

Level 7
Bought this motherboard recently and intend to wake it remotely. Any experts can guide me the setting to enable WOL?

Hey guys,

I'm about to build my new Z87 system and I've had my eye on this board for six months. I like the feature set and the looks but my biggest concern is system stability.

Two questions:

1) Have these no post/BIOS issues been resolved or answered by ASUS/
2) If you had it do over again, would you still buy this board?



The best MOBO in the world atm 🙂


Level 8

I just built a new rig with this MB, and I just would highly recommend it.

1) I had no post issue at first (unable to enter Bios with 2B-2F error code (memory init))
This until I realized I screwed my H100i cpu waterblock too strong, so it was all my fault.
So be careful with these and mount them gently.

2) Yes I would definitely buy another one.
The backplate is a nice feature in term of solidity and heat dissipation.
The direct key (enter bios) feature is nice as well, tied to the case reset button you can avoid the 3 sec delay of post message and you won't bother hitting 'DEL' at the right spot anymore.

And the design is just perfect, I even find a shame to have my PC case closed now ^^.

Case : Fractal Define XL R2 | Mobo : Asus Formula VI | CPU : Intel i7 4790K @4.4GHz | GC : GTX1080ti Asus Strix OC 11G |
RAM : 16GB DDR3 G.Skill p2400 | Cooler : Corsair H100i | PSU : Corsair AX860i | OS : Win 10 Pro x64

Level 7
I have removed AI Suite III via the uninstall on Windows 7. Went to the AI Suite III Remover Tool as recommended. The executable file comes up with with an Execution Error 5. What am I doing wrong?
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