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Maximus VI Extreme

Level 7
I'm a huge fan of all things Asus, so as I start planning out my next new rig I of course start drooling over all the newest parts Asus has to offer.

I've decided that I am going to build a custom loop to cool my next system so when looking at the offerings of the Maximus VI line I am immediately drawn to the Formula for the water-cooling and armor and of course the Extreme for EVERYTHING, although strangely it lacks the Crosschill and armor shield!

Now I understand that compromises have to be made to hit certain price points but if your going to build a mobo to be the top of a product line shouldn't it at least have the features offered in lower cost SKUs?

I could be wrong but it seems to me that if your willing to pay $400 to get the best of the best mobo for overclocking and such, then another $50 or so, to get those features shouldn't scare anyone away, and in fact might draw those looking to build custom water-cooling loops who might normally get the formula to jump on the Extreme instead.

Level 13
The Formula is fine for 24/7 overclockers and gamers - the CPUs are the limiting factor, rather than the motherboard.

The Extreme is targeted more at the Extreme overclocking crowd, hence the different feature set. You would not want that armour on the board when chilling it with Ln2 for example. Overall, I feel we have something for everyone. There are always compromises, but once you know which camp you fit in, the choice is not that difficult.


Level 7
Yeah, I hadn't considered those using Ln2 to get bragging rights, I'm more thinking of those pushing water-cooled rigs.

I'm leaning toward the Formula, but damn the Extreme is a sweet mobo.

Level 40
The Extreme also does not feature all the same stuff that gamers would want. Think that some of the onboard sound is better on other ROG boards. LN2 and extreme benching is what the Extreme is all about. It is a super board for benching.

My 24/7 board is however the Hero.
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Level 7
word of advice. get the formula. I've got the extreme simply because asus was very very late in releasing the formula board, else i would have gotten it. The only real difference is the Overclock panel, but thats nothing a fan controller cant fix. You can even buy the OC Panel 2nd hand or maybe asus sells it individually i dunno.

Also, EK is making a Full Cover waterblock for the Maximus VI Extreme, so you have options. However, nothing on the extreme will get hot enough to warrant water cooling, except maybe the PLX chip if your running 3 or 4 way SLI

Level 9
passed 2 months, where the new BIOS version!!!?
Asus Z87 Series and ROG Boards, support disgusting! :mad:
and keep in mind All Asus motherboard does not full support the Win8.1 RTM ,for the new usb stack needs support from BIOS, USB 3.0 not work! Extensible Host Controller Intel (R) USB 3.0 0100 (Microsoft) > error Unknown USB-device (failure transfer device)
all manufacturers promptly correct the problem, and the silence from Asus 2 months))) what we paid for :mad:
Maximus VI Extreme bios 0711, found 28 problems 4 of them have critical condition! Asus so it is impossible endure!

jjxaker wrote:
passed 2 months, where the new BIOS version!!!?

For this you need to contact ASUS support for your location.

Level 40
Praz is Windows 8.1 available for retail yet? I know that ASUS does support all retail OS so once the OS is retail I am sure there will be support.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
Praz is Windows 8.1 available for retail yet?

No, not for another month. Also I have no reported USB 3.0 issues with 8.1 preview on Z87.

Level 16
8.1 is not out yet indeed. There are leaked RTM versions all over the net but until it is officially launched it's not supported by anyone.
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