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Maximus VI Extreme problem

Level 7
Hi all im new to this forum so be gentle with me 😛
So maybe i just go straight to the poin.About week ago i bought maximus extreme vi got new intel i5 4570 new graphic card gtx650ti had my old psu ocz 1000w from my previuos pc so i though its good enough so put it together and what ive had was code 00 and i couldnt get into bios. so as u do check few times if i connected everything in right place still same so went on formus to check if anyone had similar problem.found out it could be gpu DOA so i bought new i3 and bingo my mobo started booting to bios and even tried to start windows...and thats where its started so for few hours as u can image ive been trying to get that fixed but no i got clean windows 7 from windows website put disc into drive and tryied to restart but my pc wont start ist satrs the fans and dead after 1 sec.took all apart nothin same thing cleared cmos and all that stuff but its still nothing can someone help me please!!!

Level 15
Welcome to the ROG forums, kanar.

List your complete system specifications for me. Try to make it as detailed as possible.

and i have case antec twelve hundred

Level 7
ok so mobo is maximus vi extreme
graphic card gtx 650ti
processor is intel i3 4130
memory is 8gb g.skill ripjaws x
hdd one hitachi 500gb and one samsung 500gb
psu is ocz 1000w

Level 7
can anyone help?

Level 7
ok i little update.
when i put mu pcu its dissconecting my pc right away when i took it out everythin workin apart from having 00 error basicly its starts on 24 pin plug but when i plug 8 or 4 pin power its cutin off and i hear click in my psu.we check psu and its not that.if that possible to burnt pcu even i didnt overclocked it????
i dont know what to do buy new mobo and get rid of that one or try another pcu...
only thing which i relaized its my voltage on that console shows 0.800 but when everythin was ok its showed 1.700
please can anyone in here tell me what i can do?

to use the system without gpu I think u need hdmi plug into the mobo. I haven't done this before but should work

Level 7
for starters u need to be abit more clear in your words and also not write a wall of text its hard to follow.

pcu im guessing u mean cpu?

1.7 volts is what is fed into the cpu when the system starts.

0.8 volts sounds normal for a cpu at lower clocks.

try to isolate the problem, run the system without the graphics card for now. check that ur psu is compatible with haswell systems. I have seen a list somewhere.

no I don't think u can burn a cpu without overclocking

use only one stick of ram and change the slot around.

so follow these steps,
- disconnect gpu
- disconnect hardrive
- only use 1 stick of ram

so all u will have running is the mobo, cpu, ram, psu

if u cant boot into bios then try change the ram slot

if this doesn't help then your mobo must be damaged.

if u can get into bios then make sure to load optimized default.

after this connect the harddrive with windows on it and see if you can get into windows

Level 11
CPU @ 1.7v?

Level 7
If u look in bios u will see 'initial cpu voltage' set at 1.7 on startup. I dont know exactly what it does but apparently 1.7 is the standard.