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MAXIMUS VI EXTREME - MEMORY (what memory to choose?)

Level 7
I want to buy some memory for my M6E, but i am a little afraid of compatibility issues.
What i have set my mind on is to have 32gb (4x8gb) from start or start with 16gb (2x8gb) and add 16gb later on (of same make and model of course).
I have my eyes on the Corsair Dominator Platinum 32gb kit CMD32GX3M4A2400C10, wich isn't in the recomended memory list, but i have seen working on a few videos (including Linus').
Please let me know if you know for sure (tested yourself and working) any solutions to my dilema.
Send me a PM or reply to this thread and tell me what memory have you cosen for your M6E motherboard.
Thank you!
I have an Intel Core i7 4770k CPU, a Corsair AX860i PSU, a GTX 770 4GB Graphics Card. (in case you need this info)
Also i want to buy 2 SSDs for RAID 0, and again i don't exactly know what to choose. initialy i wanted to get Corsair's Neutron GTX Series, then i saw Samsung's 840 Pro is better, .. pls reply to this issue also if you have a sugestion.