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Maximus V Gene Front Audio Panel Dectection problem

Level 8

I am having problem with my front panel audio detection problem, when i plug in my head phone to the headphone jack at the front panel it detect as pink jack see attachment, i have to select (Mic In) to get my headphone to have sound playing
IF plug in the the Mic in Jack at the front it detect as Green jack, choose (Mic In) or (Headphone) option no sound produce using headphone. I have try different bios version up to the latest bios 903 and audio driver from asus website
-Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.6570 for Windows 7 32bit & 64bit.(WHQL)
Same result I was wondering if it might be my case problem I am using Silverstone TJ08E case.


Level 7
I had the same problem, i finally solved it today. Here, i'm listing below, what i did.
After couple of unsuccesful research and tries, last 2 days;
First, i should tell i' ve done every combination of settings on realtek audio manager, i guess, none of them were useful.
Last, the solution part for me;
In bios advanced settings->onboard configuration i choosed ac97 for on board sound.
When i called the reseller, they told me that the connection between front panel and motherboard, isn't made. So i take apart the case, and checked the connection, there was a cable from front panel to Asus Xonar (external sound card) NOT to Motherboard.
So in device manager, i deactivated all sound devices but Asus Xonar. Then, i run "Asus Xonar Sound Manager" from control panel. Under "main" section, there is a choosing for input. FP Headphone. I choosed it, and woola sound is on front panel through my headphones. 🙂
Hope this helps.