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Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Questions

Level 7
I'm thinking of getting the Formula with ThunderFX, I just have a few questions about it.

1. USB sound card, is it actually any good compared to a PCI-E sound card? "USB" just makes it sound kind of crappy to me? am I wrong?

2. Does it make the on-board SupremeFX IV integrated sound obsolete, or does it work in conjunction with it? Is it better than the on-board SupremeFX IV if it does make it obsolete? (I would hope so?)

3. When using the ThunderFX, does it require / benefit from using a USB 3.0 port or is a 2.0 port enough?

4. It seems like everything I read about the ThunderFX talks about using headphones with it, is it not meant to be used for plugging your speakers in, and then when you decide to switch to headphones/mic for gaming, swap the cables? Or is the idea to use the on-board SupremeFX IV with your speakers, and the ThunderFX for your headphones?

5. Is there a replacement waterblock for the Fusion Thermo block that has G1/4" threads? The entire rest of my system uses G1/4" threads with 1/2" ID tubing and compression fittings, I can use the Fusion Thermo block as it is with a fitting reducer like this, but that would be so much more hassle. Is there an official explaination as to why industry standard G1/4" threads were not used on the Fusion Thermo cooler?

6. What is the best RAM I should pick up for this board? I will be getting an Intel Core i7 3770K (Ivy Bridge) CPU with it if that helps, I will be watercooling and overclocking.

Thanks in advance.