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Maximus V Formula Onboard audio and Phoebus sound card

Level 7
OK so I have heard that the Phoebus had some pretty crummy drives when it was released, has this been fixed? Also I have a 5.1 surround sound speaker set that I would like to plug into my on-board audio and I also have a Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset that I would like to plug into a Phoebus(yet to order) will this work? I read something about uninstalling previous sound card drivers before installing the Phoebus(which would cause on-board audio to stop working). If it isn't possible to do this with the Phoebus because of driver issues is it possible to do it with a different sound card. I would like to leave my headset and speakers both plugged in 24/7, so basically will on-board audio send the signal to one component while a sound card (the phoebus hopefully) sends the same signal to the headset. IF ALL THIS isn't possible, do they make a splitter cable that i can plug both components into the on-board audio? Sorry for the barrage of questions, I know a lot about computers but NOTHING about audio so I am trying to get all the knowledge at once. I appreciate the patience of anyone who finishes that wall of text and appreciate any answers even more.