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Maximus V Formula and ThunderboltEX II

Level 7
hello everyone, I recently received a Thunderbolt display from work and had hoped to use it for gaming in my spare time. The problem is the Maximus V Formula does not have a thunderbolt port. I was quite sad when I learned that Asus never actually released the original ThunderboltEX card that would have been compatible with my device.

Info on the Thunderbolt II here states why not all mobos are compatible. From what I can tell my board meets all the criteria besides being officially validated by intel. Is there any chance it would work? I really only care about displaying on the screen (not daisy chaining or file transfer).

And does anyone know of any other way to get Thunderbolt working on my rig? I don't want to buy a new mobo right now and love the watercooling built into this one. Thanks in advance!

Level 7
Hi I got Maximus V Formula and I just bought Thunderboltex ii single port . Is a pain to make it work . But I can tell you for sure now I got working Apple LED Display 27inch ( this monitor doesnt have thunderbolt , just mini display- classic one) And is WORKING good !
My configuration : M5F + i7 3770K + Evga kingpin 780 ti + Sony TV 1920x1080+ Samsung SyncMaster 1680x1050 + LED Cinema 2560x1440 + Drobo 5D + Thunderboltex ii
I connect gtx 780 ti display port with TB ii , and LED Cinema is connected to Drobo 5D ( that have 2 tb port) .
Drobo 5 D is up but windows doesnt whant to see it - so no volume mounted under windows.
PS : Drobo 5D is HFS+ and I got Paragon hfs+ 10 with license