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MAXIMUS V Formula 32GB ram detecting only 16GB

Level 7

Maximus V Formula wont detect 32GB ram


I own a Maximus V formula for several years and i wanted to upgrade the 16Gb of ram that i had to 32 , so i got 4 sticks of 8GB of ram  Kingston Savage 1866Mhz, CL9 1.5V

The problem is i am unable to detect 32GB and i have no ideea why ,as seen in the screen below :


 BUT the bios sees all 4 slots and all 4 dimms , as seen here it detects them also


Things i have done so far:

- tested 1 single dimm in 1 slot - all dimms detected all work
- tested every slot to see if the slots are working - all pass
- tested A1+B1 work ok detected 16GB
- tested A2+B2 work ok detected 16GB
- tested 2 dimm + 1 dim any slot combo not ok detects 16 GB
- tested A1/A2 + B1/B2 not ok detects 16GB
- checked every setting in bios
- cleared CMOS nothing changed
- checked XMP ,profile 1 and 2 /auto option, not working, only 16gb

Windows should not matter since it doesnt see it in bios but i also try to see if i can see something
System settings says only 16Gb ..figures.. BUT CPU-Z says 32Gb , and shows values on all 4 slots


I have checked the manual there is not limitations there 32gb is supported , i do not know what am i missing , what settings i need to do/change