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Maximus V Extreme - bluetooth fails to start?

Level 8
So this is on a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit...
with Intel Z77 Chipset
last night the blue tooth was working fine and never had any issues... this morning I load up my machine and there is a pop up saying that one of my usb devices has failed. Checking into the device manager I see that the bluetooth adapter is missing. and there is a Unknown Device listed under the USB controllers.

No matter what I do on with the device I can't get it to take the drivers for the adapter. Does anyone have some advice on how to get this fixed? Please let me know if there is anything else that you need to help me fix this.


Slipp3d, so you are telling me you turn the BT in bios into OFF. And then it started to work?

Level 7
Sadly, it didn't helped me at all. ;/

Level 8

what I did was turn it off in Bios ... saved and booted my computer ...
once logged into windows restarted the computer
logged back into windows...
rebooted again ... go back into bios and turn blue tooth back on ...
saved and loaded back into windows ... windows re-installed the drivers for the bluetooth device (I did nothing just watched as it happened)
and that fixed it

Level 10
It's a shame that they just couldn't build this bluetooth/wi-fi module onto the board rather than have some idiotic setup that's prone to breaking. My wi-fi cable split. They made it too long and it was forced to bend. Not sure why there's shrink wrap on there. It just makes the installation more difficult. I might cut it off with the replacement, if I get one from Asus. The module connectors aren't that far from the I/O shield. Even Gigabyte made a better setup. A bracket would've been better or something that could snap into the I/O shield. Absolutely no thought put into these decisions. Reminds me of Corsair's recent products.