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Maximus Ranger VII - Fast Boot Issues

Level 7
Hi all

First post here. I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some advice. I have a Maximus Ranger VII which has started to exhibit some peculiar behaviour with its bootup sequence. I noticed this a few weeks ago and thought that I had resolved the issue by clearing the CMOS. I noticed that my PC was bypassing the ASUS ROG logo upon boot and going straight into Windows. This meant that I was unable to access my BIOS. I looked into a few options to get into the BIOS including holding down shift when restarting windows to get to the UEFI menu but my OS is not installed on a GPD formatted disk so that is a no go. I cleared the CMOS and voila i could get into the Bios. Once in there I disabled Fast Boot/Fast Startup and all was good. Please note that I have disabled Fast Boot/Fast Startup in the Windows 10 Power Options. Everything was good until a couple of days later the computer started skipping the ASUS ROG screen and going straight back into Windows. Did another Clear CMOS, disabled the Fast Boot option on the MOBO and in Windows and again it appeared to be fixed. This morning I turn my PC on and am back to square one again. It happens with both Cold Boot and restart.

I know it is not exactly vital to see ASUS ROG screen but I prefer having the option to get into the BIOS should I need to than not. Has anybody run into this issue before? Any help would be appreciated. My full specs are below

Asus Maximus Ranger VII (Bios ver 3003)
i7 4790k @ 4.6ghz
GTX 1080 (MSI Gaming X)
16gb DDR3 @ 1886mhz
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1703) - Please note this issue was occurring prior to me upgrading to the newest version of W10 a few weeks ago.

Level 7