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Maximus ma a**!!!!

Level 7
I am seriously frustrated with the fact that MY MAXIMUS V GENE CANNOT OVERCLOCK with 4 SLOTS of rams despite numerous exchanges and bios update !!! I am seriously pissed with ASUS this time. MY RIG is equivalent of a FACTORY ZOMBIE with ZERO overclocking ability if i keep the 4 slots of rams on it. I didn't spend thousands on parts just to have a Factory MACHINE !!!! THIS ISSUE NEEDs TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY !!!!!

4x4 Kingston HyperX 2133MHz XMP (dam I wish I could use the XMP). RAMS ARE ALL FINEEE, NO BSOD WATSOEVA,
Antec 920 Water cooling

I tried the method of using 2 rams to overlock first, and then plug in the other two . This works only for a FEW DAYS!!, then it would freeze and I had to resort to clearing MA CMOS again!!!!

Level 16
1333MHz is the default clock... it's not under-clocked...

Describe in details how you're setting the memories at 1600MHz!

Zka17 wrote:
1333MHz is the default clock... it's not under-clocked...

Describe in details how you're setting the memories at 1600MHz!

default profile 1600MHZ

X-III wrote:
default profile 1600MHZ

You'll find a guide in my signature that will help you setup your advertised RAM speed. When you've done that, just to make sure all the sticks are working properly, you'll see HiVizMan's Memtest86+ guide in his signature. Report back your findings.

Level 14
go in and set the volt manualy on the ram, its printed on the side of the ram sticks ( or the home page ) or set XMP profile.
in bios:
cpu multiplyer-> 44
cpu vcore volt-> 1.34V
see if that works.
i have that setting now and its stable for me.
downclock to 1.6 idle and ups to 4.4 on load. ( thats how i have it )
by the way i have stil the original shiped bios instaled ( 0408 i THINK it is )

Level 11
You need not only to set the RAM settings manually, but also the whole system setting for your overclock. Do a clear CMOS and take it from the top, guides posted above. You´ll have victory when you´ve done your first successfull manual overclock, it´s very rewarding.

Also note that the memory controller is on the CPU, not the motherboard. It might not matter which motherboard you have if the CPU is weak and can't handle the memory you are throwing at it.
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Level 10
Hey X, please follow the guides in Chino's sig.

Read a LOT before you even go into RAM timing tweaks.. Its very much fun.. Trust me, I have started it and, I just can't get out of it..

However, it needs a LOT of patience and, it takes a LOT of failures before you can understand your RAM..

You should become one with your system.. Understand its limitation (more importantly accept the limitations), work till you push it to its peak (at your own risk of course. You are responsible to make sure, you are prepared before you go ahead with this:) ), then start tweaking small things to see if you can over come your rig's limitations..

Coming back to ram timings, by Default DDR3 Rams have 1333Mhz speed.. Anything more than that, is actually a tested speed that the RAM can be pushed towards.. Generally your RAM would contain a series of base frequencies and, respective timings for each frequencies. These are the profiles under which the RAM has been tested at.

When tweaking the RAM, there are many other things you need to take care of.. Make sure your CPU is ready to handle that load, adequate temp controllers, first and, foremost, a double to triple check of all your components..

See if there is any component that is at fault.. MVG is the mobo that gives you the juice required for OCing.. It is now left to the components, on how they handle all this juice.. If, your mobo is not able to give more volts or, has any slots gone bad (yes, your DIMM slots too need to be tested before you jump into any conclusion) then, you can blame the mobo..

Always make sure you test everything in another rig (worst case scenario and, if you can get hold of another rig!), if you feel that its the mobo.. I own a MVG and, man I can easily push my system to max all.. This is what I always say to anyone.. Please test, retest each component before you jump into conclusions..

Oh and, also, here are a few things which may occur while you have set wrong timings or, volts: Reboot loops with no display (RAM is running with a timing it doesn't like), You will hear the system running but, no display (same as first, may also include less volts given), BSODs when running you machine (this can be due to lot other factors. If its cuz of ram, it might be because of the timings and, vccsa and, vccio setting).

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