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Maximus IV Gene-Z PCI-E slots not detecting / ram not detecting

Level 7
Hi all,

I just got my hands on a Maximus 4 Gene-Z and I have some problems which i am stuck.
My computer specs are as follows:

I5-2500k @ stock speed
G.skill pc10600 4gb x 4 ram
Gtx 690
Asus DGX
OCZ revodrive 80gb PCIE SSD
Latest bios 3603

I have not started to overclock the 2500k yet coz i wanna solve these issues first

1) on the bios screen it shows that i have all 4 sticks of ram installed, but in windows and bios status it only shows 8gb

2) i cant seem to get the dgx or the pcie ssd to work on the second 16x slot. Both works fine on the 4x slot at the bottom. Is it due to the gtx690 internal sli causing conflicts?

I'm pretty at my limited knowledge's wits end. Would love some help in solving this! Thanks!