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Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 - 2 Monitors 1Hdmi by Graphics - other one HDMI onBoard

Level 7
Hey Folks,

im a happyli new owner of a Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3.
I am using an GF GTX560 with an LG FullHD HDMI Monitor and Win7 64Bits.

Today i connected my FullHD TV on the onBoard HDMI Port, to duplicate the Desktop to the TV.
Unfortunately the Dekstop does not duplicate, Win7 extends the desktop.
could be a nice feature too, but i just want to see the same thing on the tv like on the monitor.
i googled a lot, and found the win7 desktop key combo Win+P. When im choosing there the "dpulicate mode", the display is shown at my HDMI Monitor, but not on the tv.

does anyone know what to do, that windows checks to duplicate the desktop by the 2 Grafikcards ( onBoard and GF560 ? )

Thanks for any help,


Level 10

Providing you are using WIndows 7 you should be able to just right click on the desktop, go into "Screen Resolution", then just say in the drop down box that you want to extend the display instead of duplicating it!

Does the section mentioned above recognize that you have two different monitors attached?
Thomas Jenner
Asus UK


thanks your fast reply.

Yes, the system recognized the second monitor. it eaven got its specifications like the name and stuff.
I can change the resolution from both monitor.

Win7 does not display the option to duplicate the monitor.
Therees just "desktop on 1" , "desktop on 2", "extend".

On google i found, that anybody else has the problem to extend instead of duplicating 🙂

The Problem is still there, i dont know what to do 😞

Level 10
So to verify, is the option called "Multiple Displays" not there or does it not contain the option "extend these displays"?

Thomas Jenner
Asus UK

hey Thomas,

thanks for your help.

Windows recognized the second monitor.
But its not possible to mirror the desktop.
i only got 3 options tho choose,
desktop on 1st
desktop on 2nd

i made a screenshot for your too. iam using a german windows, so i translated the three options.
please excuse my bad paint skills 🙂

Thanks a lot for your help,

Greetings Sebastian

Level 40

Would it not be easier to use the NVIDIA control panel to mirror your monitor?
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Hi HiVizMan,

thanks for your help.
Unfortunately the NVDIA Controll Center only "knows" the HDMI Port from the GT560 Graphicscard.
The other HDMI Port is controlled by the Intel HDMI controller.
This controller even know my TV by Name and stuff, but i dont have the oppurtunity to choose the "copy screen mode" here too.

Level 40
So much for an easy fix 😞
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 9
The same device context would need to be sent to both cards or one cards would have to understand how to write to the other card via the bus.

Usually people use HDMI splitters, if this suits you then make sure the splitter is full HD progressive. (many interlace and it looks so bad.. like in a shop when they sometimes split the output to all the demo monitors and make them look crappy defeating the purpose of having the demo, lol)

If you need the Intel.. understandably you would want to use it for trans-coding acceleration, then there might be a program that toggles the desktop or copies it. For games this fake cloning may slow down the NVidea though.

googled and found a post to...
and... copies the desktop across monitors maybe.
you would have to read the FAQ to work out the caveats.

If you are moving between TV and computer in the same room to watch movies the best solution is actually what is default... extending the desktop and dragging windows. I used to do this without much drama, don't bother with it all much now though.