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Maximus IV Extreme-Z Lucid Virtu Not Working

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Hi.. I have a serious problem since few months back and trying to find a solution but there is no success.. The problem started after i upgraded my BIOS to version 3203 in which the framework has changed.. Since then, my pc keep restarting non stop, it does not even show the " starting windows logo ", from the startup of the pc, it will only keep looping to the bios and does not even showing the windows logo, otherwise i can successfully enter the OS..

So after few hours, i figured out that under the ADVANCED > SYSTEM AGENT CONFIGURATION > GRAPHICS CONFIGURATION, i have to DISABLE THE LUCIDLOGIX VIRTU TECHNOLOGY and then only i can successfully enter the desktop OS.. I have tried this so many times, and if i enable this VIRTU, i cant even see the windows logo because it keeps looping and restarting.. So i have to disable the VIRTU..

From the desktop, if i wanted to install VIRTU software, i am not able to install it because it says, need to enable VIRTU TECHNOLOGY from the BIOS.. I cant even install Intel HD Graphics driver because it is saying, no hardware found.. Previously, before the 3203 bios, i can always enable the VIRTU and edit my videos, render it to speed up the process but now, i am not able to do such.. Can anyone please find a solution for this ? I really want to use the VIRTU technology but the problem is, i cant enable it from BIOS.. If i enable it, the i cant even see the windows logo, so therefore i cant enter the OS..



Here is my Spec:-

2nd Generation Intel Core i7
Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z
16GB DDR3 Kingston Hyper-x
Asus Nvidia GTX 560Ti
Western Digital & Seagate Hard Drives
Level 10 GT Casing
Acbel 1000 watt power supply
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
PC always up-to-date
Browsers always up-to-date
Graphic card driver always up-to-date

ps: i have not done overclocking or anything else, because i keep to the default factory settings..

Level 7
That 3203 BIOS is a load of bollox for non Ivy CPU's, reverse your BIOS to version 0902 and do a fresh reinstall of Windows. Immediately after the install of windows install the following drivers for the motherboard in this order, chipset, LAN, Audio, Video. For the video driver use the version from the Intel download site, DO NOT USE the ASUS video download for motherboard video support.
The name of the windows 7 video driver file to download from Intel is

After all this has been done download the latest VIRTU file from the lucidlogix website and install it, this should get you back with a working system.

Or, you could just get the board to boot from the BIOS2 chip and that should sort it out if it contains a non 3xxx series BIOS

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Hi.. Thank you for the reply.. Previously few months back, my motherboard BIOS is the old one, and then i upgrade to 0902 and all the other updates till i upgrade to the 3203 BIOS and then yesterday before i post this question, i upgraded to the latest 3304 BIOS but still cant solve the VIRTU issue..

As for the windows 7 video driver, i already downloaded the file from Intel which is but unable to install it due to the BIOS problem.. I will definitely follow your guides on the step by step but i am worried alot regarding downgrading the BIOS.. I read alot in the forum, most of them said it is dangerous to downgrade BIOS and it can even burn or damage the motherboard.. That is why, i have to think too much because I am from Malaysia, i bought this entire system for almost RM7000 which took me few years and that is why i am a little worried because this motherboard alone cost me RM1400..

Anyway, i wanted to ask you.. If i simply make a new windows installation, does that mean my motherboard BIOS will be default to the original old one ? If that is possible, then maybe i can just make a new windows installation.. But im not sure if the BIOS will be the same or do i need to do something else to downgrade it ? On my ASUS motherboard, i can see there is a button which shows START & RESET, which button shall i press to default the BIOS ? Can you kindly tell me how to achieve this ?

I also have some question regarding my pc.. When the first time i bought this pc, i went to the shop, choose every each components such as motherboard, chipset, graphic card, hard disk, power supply, Thermaltake LEVEL 10 GT casing and asked the salesperson in the shop to fix it.. Everything is fixed and it was great, until i bring to my home and then i notice, if i put my finger on the casing, i can feel the electricity shock from the side of the casing.. If i connect my webcam to the pc, i cant touch my webcam coz i feel the electricity shock and my webcam everything is made of something like plastic but only at the camera focusing area is something like metal, so the moment i touch it, it shocks me.. Also few times when i fix the external HD & Digital Camera to the pc via usb, i gives me a powerful shock till i drop the HD & Camera.. I even notice, my wall fan, which is connected to the same plug connector, if i touch the fan, the same thing happen.. Is it because of my pc power supply ? Because i am using 1000 watt power supply.. I never bring this machine to the shop because LEVEL 10 GT casing is so huge and that is why, i just ignore it..

Thank you..

Level 7
Your motherboard has 2 BIOS chips and you can select which chip is used when the PC boots up.

When you upgraded your BIOS, you will probably only have upgraded 1 chip, there is the possibility that the other BIOS chip still has the BIOS that the motherboard was shipped with. If you boot from the 2nd BIOS chip it might get you back to the older BIOS.

There is also the option to buy a new BIOS chip pre-programmed with whatever version you want, it is an 8 pin Winbond W25Q64BVAIG chip and they are easily programmed. You can get these from several suppliers for around $10 USD or a little bit more. All you need to do is to pull out the old chip and put in the new chip. There is no soldering, they are just push in or pull out.

If you do a new windows installation that will not make any change to your BIOS, the windows installation will simply install on your PC using your existing BIOS.

Regarding your PC, I have no comment on that except that I would ask a qualified person to look at it as it could be dangerous.
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