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Maximus IV Extreme P67 BIOS question

Level 7
Hey guys, I'm wondering if I flashed to the newest BIOS version for this board (3604), would it give me any problems since I'm using a 2600k Sandy Bridge CPU? I'm currently on BIOS version 2001.

I only ask because ever since I've had the board I could not Enable Internal PLL Overvoltage for my overclock, when I do enable it, my PC will double POST (start up, shut down, then reboot), and then freeze at the "Windows" screen. I then have to hold the power button to shut it down completely again and try to boot once again. So pretty much I've had to settle for a lower overclock to avoid enabling this feature.

I want to see if this newest BIOS version finally fixes this issue when the PLL Overvoltage is either Enabled or on Auto with an overclock.

Hope to hear from someone soon. 😄

Level 7
I'm currently using the 3604 without any problems with my i7 2600K @4.6Ghz with 1.33v and the PLL works just perfect. I didn't use the 2001 BIOS, so I cannot say if that BIOS causes any problem.

In the worst case you can rollback without problems, but 3604 it's very stable and didn't have any issue at all with the rest of the hardware, don't worry
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