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Maximus Hero Too Feature Rich?

Level 7
I'm building a 4770K system and plan to do a slight OC. I'll probably push 4-4.4Ghz. This will be used for gaming as well as video processing and general home use, but I am not a hard core gamer.

My question is, will I be overwhelmed with the options and utilities with the Asus Maximus Hero board or will those extra features be beneficial (maybe make the OC easier/more stable even)?

I'm also looking at the Asus Z87-A or Z87-Pro V Edition (don't need the wireless). Both are a bit cheaper than the Hero, but I'm more concerned about performance/stability/supportability vs. saving a few bucks.

Are there other considerations (stability, user community support, etc.) that I might be missing?

Level 40
You will get the same OC with the Pro board and the A board too.

The Hero is a ROG board and that says it all.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Chbymnky, I went from the Z87-C to the ROG Hero, and definitely do not regret the move. This board is way better, and will be stable at both the default clocks, or any overclocking you may want to try 🙂 I doubt if I will go back to a 'normal' board for any future upgrades now that I've used a ROG board :cool:
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