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Maximus Gene 1V Z Gen 3 with a GTX980ti

Level 7
Hi. I have a maximus gene 1V gen 3-z and presently using a gtx970. I have purchased a gtx980ti but cannot get it to boot, my monitor is just saying no signal received. Seems there are a few people on my forum with the same issue, i am on the latest bios but this is from 2012. I thought because i had a gtx970, i would be fine, Anyone managed to get one working, im currently running a 2500k. Tried reseating it over 10 times and different leads, hdmi, display port and DVI and all the same. Someone else on my forum also had a 980ti and a z68 chipset and his didnt work either but put card in a different machine and it booted. Just wondering if the z68 chipset is not compatible with the gtx980ti. Thanks.

Level 9
In the BIOS change the setting to "Prefer Legacy OROM" or something similar.

The new video cards (should) have 2 option roms, one Legacy, and one UEFI.
So does the MB, but the UEFI byte code for z68 does not work with UEFI on video cards. Intel did not make it work.

So you need the Legacy Option Rom boot option, which is on my Gen2 board 3xxx BIOS... should be on your Gen3, if not ask ASUS.

If you get real desperate you can try to flash and ASUS 980ti bios onto the 980ti as I think ASUS have a special bootloader on graphics cards which fall back to Legacy better.... but you would have to find a compatible BIOS and know what you were doing.

The other thing that may be worth asking ASUS is whether an Ivy bridge has better byte code in UEFI for the iGPU... since you have a Gen3 motherboard it might be better designed for the Gen3 processor. i.e. the clash in Intels code might be related to the PCIe2 logic for Sandy Bridge... I could not find much info on it though.

The other thing you need to check is whether the 980ti's actually have a Legacy OROM, it would be unusual if it did not though.

Microsofts dream is to kill off vga... so likely to be more carnage in the future. They seem to currently be trying to kill off boot managers and PCIe2 with UEFI, so it is probably evil planned obsolescence, from Intel and Microsoft.

Level 7
Thank you for the advice. I had already looked into legacy mode but it was already set to boot legacy mode as default. I have returned the card as I have comets the conclusion it was faulty but thank you for your suggestions.
Someone on another forum has this same motherboard working with a 980ti on the same bios as me.

Level 7
Just as a means to update you, my card has been returned and has proven faulty so it doesn't look like it's the motherboard at all but a faulty card.

Level 7
Same issue here.GTX980TI no signal with maximus IV extreme B3(displayport/hdmi).Bios updated to latest and legacy on.It seems like mobo does not ever recognize that there is something in pcie-slot(tested with 980+980ti..only 980 was in bios/windows).

I have gtx980 and 780TI too...both are working fine with IV extreme.(tested today) .
Funny thing is that tested that card in another machine(maximus hero+4770k) and it was working fine with it(DVI-D).Going to swap some monitors from pc to another tomorrow to see what happens.

Level 7
I got my new gtx 980ti today, gigabyte g1 gaming, great news, its works!
Bad news, its going back as it sounds like a hoover! Anything over 60% fan speed sounds terrible, compared to my 970gtx gigabyte g1 gaming its twice the volume. disappointing but also relieved that it works.

Level 7
Ordered new mobo+cpu.Did try everything I could find,no dice.

980TI was working fine with displayport and dvi in other pc,but not with IV extreme.