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Maximus 7 random hang on boot. Ongoing issue. Warranty is running out.

Level 7
I've already RMA'd this board a few times and the same board has always been returned citing either no problem noticed or in the first instance "Upgraded BIOS", problem solved on returned service tickets. The hilarious thing is when I initiated that original RMA call, one of the troubleshooting steps the support tech had me try was to downgrade the BIOS which is why the one tech just upgraded and set it back out. What happens is simple. The Motherboard randomly and intermittently fails to Post after hanging on one of numerous failure codes. It's not predictable and might not show up for weeks or it might show up a few days in a row. The codes where it hangs are:

  • 93
  • 64
  • 53
  • 54
  • 55 (this one comes up the most out of the memory errors)
  • A2 This is the only one which is repeatable. Once an A2 error comes up it will constantly hang on A2 until full power is removed from the motherboard. The other errors will go away with a reset. It is worth noting that a common occurance is to throw out a 93 code, reset to a hang on a 64 which resets and hangs on a memory error. It's not always the case as sometimes a single reset will allow it to post normally but it's 50/50 at best.

I'm at a crossroads here. It's almost time for a rebuild which means the Maximus VII will be moved to my backup PC but with it barely still under warranty I want to get the problem solved. The problem is definitely the motherboard as I've swapped memory, video cards, hdds and more recently borrowed a friend's CPU and the problem will still occur. Infact as it sits right now the only part that is the same from when the problem first cropped up is the Case. Even the PSU is different. Since I've already RMA'd it on a few occasions and have always received my original, unserviced motherboard back I don't know how to properly RMA this board to ensure they test it for longer than 45min and either repair or replace it. In my new build I want to go with either the Maximus X Hero or possibly wait until the Formula is finally released but if this is the continued support I can expect I can't see myself purchasing Asus.

So I apologize for the rant but does anyone have advice on how to get a proper RMA service done on this board?
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