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Maximus 5 Extreme unstable at stock and XMP setting

Level 7
Here's what I noticed from my recent ordeal with installing the M5E. I dropped it into an existing system, simply swapping out another mobo. However, as soon as I booted it, I had problems to no end - constant failure to boot (black screen with various codes BEFORE bios), lockups/freezes, slow windows (fresh install), basically unstable - and that's at all stock settings. I began to suspect that the mobo is faulty but then realized that I didn't engage XMP profile for my ram in bios. As soon I did it, the problem was gone. The funny thing is that the RAM (Corsair 2133 Dominators) or the mobo doesn't like 100.5mhz BCLK which set by default and/or they didn't play along at default 1333mhz instead of the rated 2133... go figure. I mean, everything was literally at stock and XMP profile was not set - and that caused me lots of grief - updated bios notwithstanding.

Also, M5E doesn't seem to have a temp sensor for VRM - what's up with that?

remount cpu , remount a single stick of ram in first red dimm slot
test first

didn't try the cpu but I've been swapping out memory sticks, and actually started off with a single stick in the first red slot, so that was taken care of 😉 Anyways, setting XMP up solved the issue.

I didn't quite catch the meaning of "test first" - been testing this thing up and down 😄