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Maximum VI extreme OC not showing in OS

Level 7
Hi all. I have manually overclocked my Asus Extreme mbb with 4770K to 4.5GHz. However the overclock is not shown in the Windows OS (7 64 bit). When I run various utilities such as CPUz and increase my CPU load to 100% the max it goes to is 3.8GHz. There is a turbo of 4.5 but it doesnt seem to go to that.

I followed the OC guide in this forum.

I have the latest BIOS and have tried resetting my CMOS too. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Level 10
Just a tip in case you have them all, having multiple applications able to read or adjust the same things causes them to report false data

Just from the screenshots it appears you have CPU-z, adia64, hwmonitor and I'd guess possibly aisuite is on there as well

As far as your overclocking what exactly did you change in the bios?
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Level 8
You have to watch it on POST, as if something is not right with the overclock it will revert back to defaults. I usually set POST time for 3 that way I can see it before it gets into the OS and I can hit delete.
Also under extreme overclock I have noticed it will show the memory in the CPU spot, even though it is a good over clock(I'm not sure why or how).

Level 7
I have the OC panel connected which reports 4.5 and 4.8 when in the OS. I have tried running just AIDA64 on its own and it is still giving back the same results.

In the BIOS:
AI OC Tuner: Manual
CPU Core ratio: all 45
EPU power saving: disabled
Fully manual mode: Enabled
CPU core V: 1.25

The rest all Auto or default. Have also tried with the XMP profile.

Anyone any ideas or should I contact Asus support who i doubt will do anything?

Level 7
Have you tried an Ai Suite 4-way optimization overclock just to see if it sticks?

I've had pretty good results using it on my IMPACT mobo. Gave me a good starting point to work from.

4.6Ghz with very little input from me.

Level 7
no id rather try to get manual overclocking first.