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Maximu VII Gene SLI + PCIe card?

Level 7

I am looking at getting a mATX motherboard (either a Maximus VII Gene or the Gryphon Z97) and installing them in a BitFenix Phenom M case and was wondering if it would be possible to use the VII Gene (or the Gryphon Z97) in a configuration with two SLI GTX 770 cards and a PCIe 1x capture card (I have a AverMedia Live Gamer HD card which I'd also like to use).

I know that space is really tight on this board and in a mATX case, especially with SLI, but it looks like it *might* be possible on at least one of these boards. The VII Gene has different PCIe slot spacing which might make things tough, especially with the new daughterboard audio card. The Gryphon looks like it might be a bit easier.

If both support it, I think I'd prefer to go with the VII Gene - as long as it can fit all three cards.

Any thoughts?

Level 7
I'm assuming it will come down to the actual width of your SLI cards. From photos on the Gene page, it doesn't look like a dual-slot solution would leave you much space for a card in that bottom PCIe slot; even if there was space, are you suffocating the coolers?

If you are doing waterblocks or something that lets your cards run single-slot, you might have an easier time. I really think it's going to come down to some mm-perfect measurements.

Even sli is impossible for me, if u have a vapour x hd 7950. The extra cooling just makes it took thick for crossfire as it goes over the other pci express slot. But then again the extra cooling means u can push the 1 card further so their is less need for crossfire.

Level 13
Make sure the case has provision for crossflow across the PCIe area. I'd place a fan in that area if you're going to run more than one GPU.